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feedback commentsBelow are just a few of the recent comments that Computer Hope receives each day. These constructive and positive comments are what help us continue to provide a free service to everyone. For everyone that has given us any feedback, we would like to thank you. The following feelings are those of the individuals who have written them. To protect our visitors we've only listed their first name or alias.

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Excellent site. everything is very clear and in simple language as I am not an english man but I understood all what I was looking for. (Saqib)

This site in answer to my question saved me $200.00 or so! Thank you so much!!!. (Debbie)

I just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to articles like this. I've never had much experience with technology so I tend to panic when something goes wrong with either my computer or laptop. This really, simply, and efficiently helped me. Keep up the great work! (Ella)

The fix worked!!! After asking tech support and being told what I wanted couldn't happen I was thrilled to find such an easy fix to my problem. Thanks!!!. (Karen)

Thank you very much my ram wasnt seated properly I pressed memory button on the motherboard then I reseated the ram and boom it worked thank you. (Hussain)

First time of trying to find a solution for a stuck Antivirus so I was very pleasantly surprised to get such a well laid out solution. (Ian)

Had a troublesome file that wouldn't delete and microsoft says a file in it is open but not so . Your instructions to go to the windows key and type in :resmon.exe brings up a tool that works perfect for this issue. (Jerome)

Best instruction I have seen for mail merge printing address labels. First time on this site and I love the clear numbering of stages. Better than a video. I had given up long ago trying to master this task and now I can do it. I just have to standardise my Google contacts so the fields all match. Just have to sort out my Christmas card list. (Alan)

You are a lifesaver! I was ready to go buy a new computer. Instead, with your help, I was able to fix mine. Thank you!. (Carol)

Please do not go away!! I just found this site and LOVE that it is not over my head. Excellent teaching (coming from a school principal). (Anonymous)

I have been able to find and learn so much! All my computer questions are answered here. Thank you so much!. (Kamon)

I thank you a lot for allowing I and my students to get the access for a smooth research. (Chris)

I did not know that you tube could be downloaded until I tried this site. (Anonymous)

Explained very clearly, and seems to be very precise. Easy to understand for the average "non-tech minded" person. Thank you! :). (Pierce)

I am using Microsoft Windows 2003 and accidentally entered a command on the keyboard that needed to be turned off immediately. I forgot what the command was so I went searching on the web for answers. Every site that came up was giving me directions for Microsoft Windows XP, 10, 8, Apple XOS, etc. I was getting very frustrated I had already tried everything and what seemed like visited every web site there was. Finally I came across your website and the information you provide was exactly what I needed. I did what you recommended and it fixed my problem the first time around. Thank you so much for giving people hope in knowing that there is a place where they can get answers for their older programs. Because of you, I was able to complete the job in time. Once again thank you. (KK)

Very useful references for free images, thank you very much. (Maria)

Thank you! You just saved me from buying new ram and a new cmos because I didn't know of this trick. (Fablkak)

This site helped me save quite a lot of bucks bringing out a Technician, and I highly commend the loose screw tip, seems Like a highly unlikely cause in why a computer keeps dying, But it for sure solved my problem. For that I am gratfully Appreciative this website exists. (Dylan)

Thanx for a complete list of keys-tried numerous other sites and only got partial lists. (Jljl)

I'm not a technical student, so I have no idea about these stuff :/ I wanted to know about this, have gone through various articles on DOS but yet didn't understand anything. Finally my search ends here. This is so simple. (Sammu)

The entire website is the most helpful and well organized color code interface I've been able to find. Well done to whoever is responsible. (Jeremy)

Just found what I came for, without having to scroll through tons of pages on the internet. (Joseph)

I could not understand why my cursor suddenly acted as if drunk - dancing around all over the place. On the advice of this website, I disconnected my delinquent mouse and now all seems to be well. Thank you. (Meg)

The content is useful and clear and was very easy to find what I was actually looking for and learned some extra stuff as well. Thanks. (Arshad)

I have not undergone any computer course` only DCA was done. I do not have much knowledge as I was not very good in Maths and Algebra but I have keen interest and desire to learn so I read books on it and visit website . In surfing I visited this site and found very useful.I visit wikipedia also but that is very tough but your site give knowledge in a very simple and layman language.Thanks for a good platform for learners. (K.G.)

I am not very good on the computer but this was not as hard as I thought it would be. (Angela)

Just a quick thank-you for a question I had regarding bypassing logon for a single-user XP machine that I use to access telemetry equipment. Great tips and it solved my problem. (Rustyb)

First response to a Google search. I was looking for "what makes a computer fast" and this gave me a quick and easy explanation for what I was looking for. Exactly what it needed to be. (Trevor)

Well thought out simplicity. Really appreciate the website. Great info for beginners and intermediates. Well written instructions. Thanks. (Adam)

I was able to see what I needed immediately I entered the article and I applied it and it worked for really grateful for this. (Jane)

I like the website it has really good information about your topic I was having trouble with downloading and it never downloaded from the beginning to the end. So I looked up how to fix the problem then I found it here. (Bess)

Just what I needed to know on enabling DHCP, written clearly & easy to follow. (Anonymous)

Battery Icon missing from toolbar. Greyed out in settings. Disabling and resetting in device manger resolved it. Thank you. (Aaron)

Thank you! This guide is more comprehensive than Chrome's builtin!. (Sir_jeremy)

Great command line overview, I look forward to learning more. I was a DOS user way back when on my parents 486, it was great to get my DOS commands back up to snuff. (Lowercaseodin)

Quite brilliant! Very pleased indeed, the instructions were clear and first class. (Clifford)

Well done. All other pages, including Microsoft's, recommended to download some software which was not doing the work and had advertisements. Your description was detailed, easy to follow. Thanks. (Mate)

Thank you for helping an old lady learn new tricks!. (Melanie)

Thank you for this site it is user friendly and extremely helpful. (Frank)

I love the clear description and pictures. It helps if your a visual learner. (Celebritybree)

Thank you, I found the answer to my question. Very easy to find solutions on your site. (Mary)

An excellent compilation of 10 convenient free programs. (Red)

The best recommendation I ever read. Thank you. (Willi)

Free of charge knowledge is the best. (koopa)

I had been trying to download YouTube videos from a long time before. Downloaded a lot of apps but none worked but this site was really useful. (Kin)

Found the information I was looking for very quickly. Would have been stuck in the mud right now if I weren't for you! Thanks!. (Jasper)

I am using this page to teach a neighbor a little bit about her computer. It is clearly written and will not overwhelm her. Thanks. (ElCool43)

I now understand how to make and delete a directory using Unix. (Gabriel)

Great. I mean your web site is really great, and it is amazing to read this page. And also I have to say thank you for solving my problem... (Anonymous)

It was easy to use, straight forward (which is good), and worked with the first try! It is good that there was not a lot of advertising and I will definitely use this site in the future. Thank you for the great and useful help and info. (Magdalena)

Thank you for making this easy to understand. I am not a computer wiz. (Judy)

Explained well, lucid and in a layman's language. Well done. Kudos. (GG)

Computer Hope is an EXCELLENT website and an EXCELLENT learning tool. Today I learned about typewriters and keyboard shortcuts. Wow! "Control + S" saves the web page! Thank you!. (Lynn)

Wish my class mates had turned me on to this in the first week of school. A very informative reference to guiding anyone with a specific problem or just to educate oneself on a specific area they want to become an expert in. forever, Thank you for the cats meow. (LuvMeow)

So far your the most helpful in my search. (Stillwater)

This information was very helpful indeed. There were things which I didn't know, and which I found to be very useful. Thanks. (France)

It was the clearest explanation of how to find drives that I have come across so far. (June)

I am a complete novice, but I managed to fix my problem. Thanks. (Jazzmin)

It was very useful therefore I shall give it a ten out of ten xxxx. (Calvin)

This helped me find a program running in the background that I did not even know I installed and now is removed. Thanks for the help!. (Miss)

Been teaching MS Word for years and thought I knew most of the shortcuts (using them everyday) - however, FOUND SOME NEW ONES!...THAT ARE REALLY BENEFICIAL FOR MY LEARNERS! So, excellent!...thank you!. (Marilyn)

Thanks for your help with answering questions about whether or not I wanted to get a laserjet or ink jet. I found your site very informative and very easy to understand. (DAWN )

Excellent. Simple and immediately useful. Thanks. (Frb)

Great page and very simple (in a positive way) to navigate. (Sinisa)

Sexy!! Website is awesome I always find solution of my queries here! Simply superb!! :) (Lesky)

This page is good and am satisfied with the information I get on behalf of my question and I still get some extra satisfaction thank you (Ojo)

Thank you so much! I needed help for a project, and y'all really helped me out. (Jessi)

I thought my computer was in big trouble and it was just a little something under the key that wouldn't blow out. I removed the key (didn't know you could) and used tweezers and fished it out. THANKS. (Lizzy)

Good day all!! It was a pleasure to used your information, it was very, very helpful thanks for the free online information that you broadcast over the Internet. Hope you and your business will accelerate in your future plans. (Jurie)

I followed the instructions and it works beautifully. Thank you. (Tina)

I have Epson Stylus RX630. I used the RX620 option and my printer is working, YEH. I did have to turn my computer off and then on again before it would print. Thank you for your help. (NSW)

I found what I was looking for, very nice people spending their time to help others for free. (Mr. Ice)

I want to THANK the individual who gave advice about laptops not turning on. I was doubtful. However, it worked like a charm. I'm eternally grateful. Thanks again to she or him...Girls who are tech savvy are hot! Have s great day! :D. (Dave-Drew)

It was informative,my brain is actualy full on computer knowledge and will tell all my SouthAfrican homies all about it.Thanks!!!!!. (Tshepang)

Nice work.... love it .... as in L-O-V-E it. (Fred)

The information provided was accurate and easy to follow. (Married2009)

My touchpad had stopped working the other day but with the help of this webpage I was able to get it working again. (Nick)

I have sound. Thank you. Simple directions, success after about 2 minutes. You might find amusing the windows trouble shooter, unable to "fix" the problem suggested, "ask a friend.". (Angelo)

Thank you very much for this webpage. I simply did a search on how to download a youtube video on Google. Your web page was the first one I went to and I was able to download the file straight away. Thanks and regards, (Edwin)

I love this page!!! I learned a lot!!! I would totally recommend this page. (Stephanie)

It's pretty a cool site and helps a lot when you sometimes get confused with stuff about the computer. (Hubjym)

Such a simple fix! Thanks for posting it. It was a great help after about an hour of racking my newbie Windows brain! Cheers mate. (Dave)

This is a nice page, it's really useful to me in operating my pc. (Joshua)

Very good site to get good details of many thing. I liked it. Really appreciate the effort. (CCG)

You have provided an encyclopaedia of computing language. It is brilliantly executed. (Muyee)

This site was very helpful for my research work. I am a 16 year old college student and am trying to plan out my career and this was of immense help!. (Amanda Mohamed)

I think the work you do is very helpful. Keep going.. I have worked for over 40 years in the industry and sometimes have to go "back to the roots" as it were to see what the technology was ages ago. You information was very useful indeed. Thanks a lot. (Joejoe)

Thank you for the reminder to take the sd card out when booting!!. (Tlh)

So easy to enable my Wi-Fi again, great layout. Thanks. (Nick)

Thanks for the notes, your page helped me a lot to understand difference between 32 and 64 bit processors in simple language. I decided to buy 64 bit processor after reading your page. Thanks Maruthi. (Maruthi)

Awesome many thanks I was worried as my 92 yr old dad had been scammed while using his computer many thanks. (Kat)

It was very useful for me. I <3 this page. (Sasandi)

It just gets better, I didn't know how much I didn't know!. (Shingay)

Am happy for the help offered to me. May almighty God give us more insight to the knowledge of computer in JESUS NAME.. more of ur services. (PASDOC)

Keep it up we are proud of you. (Jonah)

Its was good page and website and very useful to 4 graders and 5. (Prohit)

I was very pleased to find, on one page, a variety of solutions to the problem I was working on. Thank you!. (Kenh)

Really helped a lot, seeing as I don't know a lot about computers. (Jean)

Your notes are easy to understand l did not understand any but after reading this I think l know now thank you. (Asha)

All is well. I finally got a clear answer re: my CPU. (Jb)

After having spent a fair amount of time even getting to know which search would get me to where I needed to be (disable preview pain, windows 8), your fix came right up. Thank you so very kindly for saving me, as well as many others, to be sure, a lot of time!. (P Goethe)

Thanks for a very timely and informative trivia on ict. (Anonymous)

Wish all so-called computer help sites were as simple to use as this one. Thanks a lot. (Reginald)

I liked it -very straight to the point! No rambling - just the facts. keep up the good work!. (Paul)

Thanks a lot. Such sites are commendable, particularly for people like me who are new to this technology and society. (Abid)

Thank you for this! You saved me/us! Bought a new HP, registered it, put a password, then stashed away the computer. Then, dementia attack, completely forgotten the password! Not written anywhere and my brain memory has completely lost it. Thank you for the F11 advice. (Boracay)

Thanks for your great computer tips section, I think there great. (Great Site You Have) When I was a boss, what I noticed right away. People complain when something is wrong, but most say nothing at all when things are right. I hope this makes sense. Thank You. (Chuck)

Great site, don't change a thing. (Anonymous)

The best method I ever found. A big thanks. (Leela)

Awesome! I have finished all my home work and found the answer on this very page THANK YOU !!. (Anonymous)

Amazing! I have been looking literally everywhere to find the answer to my question, then I found this place which answered my question in once sentence. Good job! :D. (Rockn)

As soon I read it, I tried it and it was very easy. Thank you. (Erik)

I've looked all over the web.. and this is the only one that has the list I was searching for - Area code 428. (GB)

I just right-clicked the youtube video and copied the URL and pasted it into your search box and bingo - it gave me the download link. About 2 min later it was downloaded. Thanks!. (Jim)

Great site, easy to use and navigate... Keep up the good work!!. (Aaron)

Thank you for saving my marriage, we can now access our emails etc. also saved computer from being punted out of 2nd storey window. Xxx. (Lili)

Thank you very much for your help, I really needed it. I am just a beginner and I still need help. Thanks for being here for me. (Edna)

It was really helpful, I wish there were more sites like this. (Marema)

Very self-explanatory and simple in a good way!. (Ignacio)

You People made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy. (Marsha)

Thanks to whoever post this useful Intel, about motherboards, am glad it has helped me, complete my course work. (Nelson)

I've been researching a lot about rams and this really helped me clarify some things about it! Thanks! More power!. (Aleionne)

Thank you. I am glad that I found your website. As Governor Schwartzenegger says "I'll be back.". (TooDisabledToSin)

Thanks! This helped me out a lot, I kept on deleting it but kept on showing up! Thanks for helping me, I love this website! :D. (TheHappyHamburger)

Thank you! You are my savior! Hours of frustration, and then I finally find this site! 10/10! (Jay)

Thank you Computer Hope, I normally use this website. I got as a search engine and it has very good definition in computer science. thanks again. (Ahmed)

U guys really got a good website, keep it locked BHIM! !!!. (Sammystus)

I looked for a question which I had and easily got the answer, thank you. (Oliver)

Finally someone who actually knew how to solve the problem I had to get the start icon back to the bottom of the page. It was simple and easy, none of the other sites could help me. Thanks. (Anonymous)

The whole tapping the f8 key really worked for me. Thanks. (Ccg)

Great! I just used this robocopy tool to delete a TooLongToDelete folder. Thank you for the information. (Gio)

Wow. I am sooooo glad my Geek squad guy told me to skip classes and just learn online. I'm glad I found Computer Hope. Keep up the good work! There's nothing better than free when it comes from the goodness of people's hearts and is truly free! (Leanburger)

This website is great for research!. (Luke)

It was an assignment and I went through this page and the page gave me my answers during the process I did not have any stress it was an excellent answer. (Diane)

First time I found an answer from a Google link that was simple and directly related to the question. Thanks. (Webgeezer)

Needed a definition of a term, and found it in seconds. Thank you. (Graham)

Awesome... Thank you! Everything went perfect.. and then usable (first time) :). in reference to "How to create a bootable Windows USB drive." (James)

I absolutely Love this page you guys are awesome like 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% awesome love you guys! (Anonymous)

Great. I love easy in my face answers. Thanks so much!. (L)

I love the simple easy to understand explanation. (PGProf)

I always like Computer Hope, and when I do a search for something and see you have a listing I'll go to it. Simple and easy to understand with useful links providing more information. Thank you for putting in an effort and providing this service!. (Joe)

I love this page so much that I will come here every time to get my answers. (Aaliyah)

I absolutely think your PPL are right on the ball, know what they are talking about;) what I really like about using your site is, U tell us "average PPL" ~day2day PPL~ what we need 2 know in a very understandable crazy "HIGH TECH" LINGO!! Ty bb. (Bryan)

Um, wow. Thank you so much! This is SO SO SO helpful! :). (Anon)

The explanation is up to the requirement and in a simple way.Thank you for the help. (Bijay)


Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for developing this website. As you know, the world of computers and information technology is complex. In my 24 years in the business, I have not come across a source that defines terms in clear and easy to understand verbiage the way your site does. I have bookmarked this on my iPad and will reference it frequently! Thanks for all you do! (Don)

Very clearly laid out the information that I needed: helpful and explained things in layman's terms. Thanks guys. (User)

Thanks I could not remember how to get to the root directory using DOS and your website showed me how. Thank you so much excellent website and service. Respectfully, (Stephanie)

You don't have to search for any thing it just pops up for you!!. (Carlo)

Very helpful . Please keep up the good work. I'm rather new to this and its nice to have a great place to go for any info your looking for. Thank you!. (Anonymous)

Awesome, thank you. I was getting a freaking tan from my laptop. Much better now!. (Anonymous)

I found this description very informative, clear, and impartial. Thank you. (Doug)

I am from India and unless computer users know the basic knowledge ,some computer technicians may cheat. So,your details are more informative. (Bal)

Very good experience. Well constructed, communicated and explained in detail without long boring waffle. (Martin)

Thank you soo much,you really opened my mind... keep changing people's lifes, God bless!. (Kagiso)

Wish all sites were as simple for us simple minded. (Anonymous)

It was very easy to find out what I needed so I recommend this for everyone who wants to now about people who invented amazing world changing things! (Claire)

Always good to have such information readily available. (Marvin)

I haven't gone into any site yet , but if there as good as you, I'll love it. Thanks so very much. (Tony)

I am a fan of the website's design and simplicity. Simplicity meaning the ease of use/navigation. (Kiko)

After 18 years, finally know what the F keys mean. thank you... (Herb)

It was nice experience I got all the information I wanted. (SANTHOSH)

Thank You, this was the 7 or 8th page I looked at to find a nice list of Dos commands. (Anonymous)

Your YouTube How To Copy page worked perfectly and was so easy!. (TickledPink)

Was directed to the page from a link in Microsoft Community. The information was exactly what I wanted to know in easily understood terms. Good Job! Thank You. (Kamikid)

Class assignment was to write a couple of paragraphs on some of the different domains and this site made it easier for me. Thank you!. (Fperez82)

This site literally just saved my Computer's shelf life forever. Thank you so much for everything!!!!! :D. (Jim)

I've been trying to figure out how to open an old Works file, and this site helped so much. Everything else that I have read before was either confusing, or didn't work properly. Thank you so much!! -Karlie. (Karlie)

I'm algerian and because I speak english very hardly I would like to download your helpfull pages in pdf format so as I can read them again and again thank you a lot. (Amokranacer)

The best website page ever for computer it has lot of information and so easy to find. THANKS A LOT. (Muheed)

I came to this site looking for information on how to use function keys on a pc, great information. Got more than I was expecting. Thanks. (Ms. Kimmy)

Thank you for your help and solidarity. I always get what I want through your site and pages. this has facilitated my learning process as well as improving my experience. so thank you. (Lukeman)

Searched in Word's help and got garbage. Typed exactly the same thing in Google and clicked on this first and got just what I needed! Awesome possum. (S)

Its really help for unix new learners like me. It made unix a easy language to study...thanks a lot. (Saranya)

Excellent help. If I had known it would be this easy, I would have used this site much sooner. Thank you. (Nick)

It was just what I was looking for without a lot of Mickey Mouse stuff. You know the Internet. Thank You again. (Joseph)

I was looking for option to get a negative of my C++ programs outputs for better printout. thanks to you. found it at last. amazing site... user friendly and nice. thank you. good job!. (Yogesh)

Straight forward, concise and gibberish free. (Jim)

This site is great.You guys are doing the noble job of spreading knowledge. (Shubham)

Hello, this website is great. Thanks a lot for your help,thanks to websites like this the world is a better and simpler place. I will never forget this day in which I managed to save 500 euros on a new computer and I managed to fix mine instead. you really have inspired me and I will try to start sharing my knowledge with others on the net ;). (Xu)

The information given was just what I needed as I had no idea what to buy. I feel far more confident now so I thank you. Kindest regards. (Marianne)

Just really enjoy using this site for my colour choices: thank you. How wonderful to learn about the colours and how to mix them to achieve desired result. (Gloria )

Hi. I've had much more difficult times with other sites. I like the fact that this site also had something I did not know about, almost like writing HTML, but, using only the Mozilla Firefox browser, not an editor. Very informative and concise. Thank you. (DigitalJedi02130)

It is easy to understand and short and good. (Huda)

This is one of the best site I ever come across. I appreciate a lots for the good work. Iwill testify the goodness of computerhope to the world. I strongly advice everyone to visit computerhope for more computer tips anytime. (Prince)

I just had to type " PC shutting off " into google and I found this page instantly. It solved all of my issues and my Pc has not crashed ever since. :). (Darkend)

Thank you so much! After wandering the web and trying to download unnecessary programs and then using them to reboot my computer, I FOUND YOU! Computer Hope just became my Go-To source for problem solving. Thanks! A million thanks!. (Sassafras)

Thank you for making it easy for us to get to know things that we weren't previously aware of. Please keep the good work. (Nicholas)

Thank you for creating this kind of website.this is very useful for the information technology students because they can enhance and improve their skills..god bless!. (Wenna)

Good use of white space enabled the eyes to focus and assimilate. During a scroll, readlike credits on a movie. Options to link, unobtrusive and available. nice alignment well thought out enjoyed the experience now I need more more content ? :-). (Tuskerdeman)

Not only did you explain exactly what I've been wondering for years in 6 easy paragraphs, but you also explained all the additional content that a beginner, such as myself, needed to know. This Will be my new one-stop-shop for anything computer related. Thanks much! (Daniel)

Am always impressed by how you help us especially me because I always get what I want from you. thanks a lot and be blessed. I am looking forward to learning more from you. (JOE)

I fell asleep with my keyboard beside me, apparently laid on it, and launched literally thousands of instances of Microsoft Reader, rendering the computer barely responsive. I got tired of closing the processes one by one, found the taskkill tip in your site and it worked great. Thank you!. (Ken)

I am really considering on building my own computer,and to have all information at one location with very easy to understand information is a god send. just explaining the meaning of acronyms makes it easier to communicate with someone who would try to explain components of the computer. (Johny)

After an hour with Windows support, who told me the only way to resolve my problem was to reinstall the software, I found the solution here. Problem fixed in 5 minutes. Thank you!!!!. (Beejherm)

The most awesome page on the Internet. (Me)

Thank you, after two days of trying it only took 2 minutes on your site. Yeah!. (Carol)

A pity there are not more websites like yours around to give simple, clear answers to my search criteria. (Claire)

What a great website. I don't know much about computers and COMPUTER HOPE is amazing. I can understand everything I read. I am a true senior citizen and so that is really saying something. Thanks. (R7726C)

I am a college student. I have returned to your Website after researching several others. After learning to navigate this site properly, I was able to find EVERYTHING that I needed to finish my assignment. I had originally thought there was not a lot of information, but then found it to be divided into small sections, but extremely thorough. Thank you. Thank you. (Glo)

I wanted to change an address into uppercase. I went online and checked a few sites until I found you. I think those other guys were trying to show off, going into CMD prompt, registry, etc., and I did not know what the hell they were talking about. All I really wanted to know was how to customize it and put it in my quick launch bar. Yours way was excellent, thanks a lot. (Essie)

Just a one-off perhaps, but I have formed a nice opinion about you. (Claudia)

Thank you thank you, thank you!!! just made my life easier. (Mya)

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks. (Maria)

One of the most straightforward 'computer help' sites I've come across. (Gem)

Thanks for making your information easy to understand. That means you realize not everyone seeking information is a computer expert. (Jeanette)

Thank you! The information is well organized, sensible, visually easy to glance through text and then select the hyperlink or note key items, and made my search for simple help easy. Again, thank you. (KfmPsalm23)

I'm fairly new to computers, and have trouble understanding the lingo. I'm having major problems with another pc and gathering info to fix it. This was one of the BEST sites and easiest to understand!. (VINCE)

Clean,simple, no ads, just what I was looking for. I will use this site again!. (Anonymous)

It was very brief with a lot of substance. (Anonymous)

I know the information was nice as compared to my teachers lesson. (DIANGHA) will be added to favourites in a moment! Many thanks. (David)

Keep sharing ! you guys are fantastically helpful <3. (Faiza)

Glad to have discovered this site and the very valuable, effective computer explanations it provides free of charge. (Anonymous)

Computer Hope can be counted on to give straight, easy-to-understand explanations. (Dtennant)

It was very useful, and now I have taught my friends what a software and hardware is. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!. (Terty6)

Direct and no ads with downloaders thank you. (Martin)

Nice work. Once I found this site, everything was very easily comprehended. Thank you very much for the info and I will be revisiting. Best regards! (Beginner11x)

My experience was execellent! Will use this site for all of my questions...and pass the word along. THANKS. (Athettaa Rasul)

All the explanations were simple and easy to understand. I just enjoyed it. (GD)

Wonderful, thank you. I'm doing a SharePoint wiki for my school's Business Club, and neither HTML or Javascript were working. This form function is the only think that worked, and a button looks better than an HTML or Javascript word link, anyway. Thank you!. (Steven)

Finally found a website with information on how to stop the creation of thumbnails on Windows 7. Thank you!. (Z)

Thank you for the information. It just made one of my college classes easier to maintain. (Charlynn)

Keep it up. you are doing a good work for the world. (Don)

Thanks for another great post. Where else could anybody get that kind of information in such a perfect way of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I am on the look out for such information. (backlinks)

Thank you for the quick, clear help!. (Mark m)

This site answered my question and I found exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much. (KEVIN)

I love your site. I'm a 4th year network communication and management student, and since I haven't gotten a job in my field of study yet, sometimes it's hard to remember what I learned two or three years ago. It's nice to have an easy to use reference source to refresh my memory. (Twodolphns)

Just needed to clarify what a redundant psu is and explanation was concise and clear. Thankyou :). (Wkdst1)

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Thank you very much. There are a couple of old commercials I REALLY like that were on an old desktop (yes - that old) which will not play with Windows 8. Now that I've found them on YouTube, I can play them on my laptop. Bless you... (Karellen)

Like a professionally translated man-page :-) I.e. a unix command explained in PLAIN ENGLISH! omg... Thank you!. (Aprilia1k)

Once in a while I run into a site that actually solves a computer problem for me. This is one of them. Thanks. (HateWin8)

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I enjoyed finding a truly helpful site that explained in just the right amount of detail. Everything was clearly written and easy to understand. YOUR HARD WORK IS VERY GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! (Dennis)

Just found a link from Microsoft to your forums about a missing file. Loving to explore (yes, that is fun but I often have mysterious messes to clean up, but I do learn something) this site will become a "go to" destination on all things analog and digital to probably find my needs already having been addressed or I will wonder around it for a couple hours having fun! Thnx, and I will send some monetary support at some point. This kind of help is what we need to help people, software, and hardware to play well together, regarless of what is getting beat up or what is the cool platform at the time. Hopefully, the internet will, for a time anyway, still be a bit on the edge and have room for individuals that do good and not have to be regulated or go through a current or growing source of a monopoly. Anyway, there you go!. (Jbrent136)

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I was doubtful about finding an answer to my problem with the power icon not showing. Your page on how to fix this issue is excellent. I particularly like how you warn that changing the registry is serious and although I was hesitant I followed the instructions exactly and was delighted to find that it worked. I also understood the basic principles behind the process restart as I followed the steps which was comforting. One tip though, when you instruct to start the task manager, the instructions say to press ctrl+alt+esc but I knew you meant ctrl+alt+delete. A few people might not know that, so it might be worth correcting. Once again Thanks for the answer! I'll save this site to help me with future computer issues. (Hannah)

This page I have found very helpful to download lots of material that, while in the public domain, requires the joining of some organisation or other to access. The links run smoothly and the process is well explained...Congratulations, a great site and I would highly recommend to others. (Robin)

Simple solution to my problem, just copy line of text, paste it onto command line in Linux, read output. What more do I need? So many times I have encountered pages that purport to solve problems, only to require one spending ages following tortuous routes to enable one to understand how to implement the 'simple solution' that was given. I appreciate your assistance and help, thanks. Richard. (Richard)

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I was in despair - had taken keyboard into other room to wipe it off (sticky keys - but because of sticky ice-cream hands). To my horror, when I returned I found the screen flipped 90 degrees! What to do? This page was my first Google hit and it fixed my problem! THANK YOU!. (Judy)

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Hi, Computer Hope Feedback. First thank you so much to learn me how to solve my problem. You know I checked most Iranian sources to solve my problem but didn't get anything so I tell myself "lets find it in English source" and at first I find your web site and find the same problem. Because my phone was stuck in the Safe Mode after dropped down accidentally. And with your suggestion I fixed it by my own and save Some Money :D :D :P Thank You Again. (Ardeshir)

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Hello there, I feel very contented to write this feedback to you. To start with, I am currently pursuing my Engineering in Computer Science & Engineering. Once when I surfing your website for the computer meaning of a word, an idea struck my head that lead me to begin working on an Android App that will be a full fledged completely offline Computer Glossary. For the database of my App, I began referring your Computer Dictionary Section. I am deeply thankful to your services, and I believe that I will complete my project soon. Without your open source and free services, I don't think it would have been possible. I show my gratitude towards your whole Computer Hope Website and will surely recommend everyone that I know to avail the great services that you are providing. It's people like you who inspire then young technocrats like me. Once again Thank You very much. Have a nice day. (Sarthak)

I always use this whenever I research about computers because its very simple (you dont have to select many choices) and accurate. Thank you so much.. :D. (Ysabellexx)

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It's good to know I won't mess up having more than one browser. (Mgt)

Appreciating the time and energy you put into your website and the indepth information you provide. It's good to come across a site every once in a while that isn't the same unwanted rehashed information. Excellent read! I've saved your site and I'm adding your RSS feeds to my Google account. (Smithc443)

The def; 'within'def; are invaluable for the likes of me trying to negotiate the seemingly endless amount of jargon as I attempt to learn codeing. With your help I've HOPE! Thanks dilwyn. (Dilwyn)

Needed to confirm if my computer 64 bit or otherwise. Info from Microsoft said to click on start, go to computer, and looks at properties. My start menu did not offer that option and not being highly computer literate I couldn't access information until I came across your link. Thanks. (Karen)

I've gone to page after page looking to find how to do this process correctly and this is the only site that explained what everything should look like, and most importantly, included the important step "update labels." Thank you so much for the clear instructions!. (Yvette)

My question was answered very well and I will always research using this site. (Richmond)

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I have questions ?? you have answers !! True love at first click. Thank You. (Ginna)

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I'm new to laptops but found your help simple and wand was up and running within five minutes pretty good for someone who struggles to turn on alaptop. (Technophobic)

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Explanation was very simple to understand and didnt require me to have a Masters Degree in IT to comprehend. The more advanced computers become the more of us are left behind so thanks for keeping it simple!. (Scott)

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The site is among the best ones. I now understand what is a jumper in a computer.Thank you very much.You are doing a good job for humanity and deserve to remain blessed by God. (Steeve)

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At last, the HTML code and the colour side by side. (Anonymous)

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All the tools I was looking for in one page. AWESOME!!!. (Chris)

What a wonderful site! I can't believe I had never seen it before. I will be coming back often. You put a lot of time and effort and thought into this site, and it shows. Thank you. (Tigrmesh)

Over the years, I have found COMPUTER HOPE to be an excellent source of Information, and it as helped me out with many .problems. I have no recommendations to make as you seem to have things close to perfection. Thank you for your help. (Anonymous)

Thanks for the Nibbler suggested link. It found a w3c html error on one of my major pages that had gone unnoticed by me for at least a year. (Bicycling)

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I found your website to be well organized and simple to use. Thank you for your help. (Anita)

Thank you for telling me this otherwise I would just be sitting there crying. (Ruth)

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I love this website, especially since I am an avid graphic art designer. (Emily)

It is better than a oxford Dictionary. (AANDY)

If there were this kind of page for all computer problems I would solve all of them myself, thanks. (Lei)

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Thanks for making this information known to us. You have simplified the explanation, easy for a student to get what he/she needs. (Kroozay)

I had a paper jam where I checked everywhere for the paper but found nothing. I had to get an assignment printed fast and I was really confused about it. Now I know it was a hardware problem. Thanks for the help. (Jason)

Thank you! I looked for a long time on other sites on how to do this and I could not find it. I came to yours and found it right away!!!. (Nora)

Wow! I was leery because half the time I don't know what these websites are talking about, but you made it child's play, even for someone like me!. (Susan)

I appreciate the step by step and bottom-up approach you guys employ in troubleshooting faulty components. Thanks. (Patrick)

After over 30 minutes on other places I finally got an answer here. thanks. (Hapzap)

I wanted to say thank you, I found this web site to be very helpful in attaining the information that I needed for my research.. (ANNMARIE)

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