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Increasing Windows 95 and 98 performance

SPEEDING UP STARTING OF Windows95 - Download TweakUI, which has an option that allows you to do this, also if you are not running DriveSpace then you can delete the "DriveSpace.bin" from c:\windows and also c:\.

DELETE *.TMP FILES - Windows is capable of having thousands of temporary files, which can decrease the speed of your computer. Search for *.tmp and delete all found files. This saves disk space as well as possibly increase the speed of your computer.

SPEEDING UP THE RESTART OF Windows95 and 98 - Edit the MSDOS.sys and add the line BootDelay=0 to the [Options] section.

FREEING UP MEMORY IN DOS Windows - Add the section LocalLoadHigh=1 to the [386Enh] section of the system.ini file.

FREE UP SEVEN MEGS OF DISK SPACE - Delete all *.avi files in the c:\windows\help directory (these are just movies to show you things you probably already know, like how to click on the start button).

FREE UP DISK SPACE - You can delete *.txt, *.prv,*.old, and *.___ from the root directory (c:\) also you can safely delete *.log, *.old, *.___, *.bak, and *.00? (the question mark means any number, so from dos in the Windows directory, you can just type deltree *.00? and that should free up some disk space).