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Computer viruses and spyware / Re: email infected ? Unsure
« Last post by pursuant on Today at 02:20:40 PM »
Thanks for the help. Unfortunately I still can't figure out how to change my Yahoo pw. I have an email into their support for help. And believe I have tried every source on the web trying to figure it out.

Computer software / Re: How to find best Logo website Service ..?
« Last post by Geek-9pm on Today at 12:40:35 PM »
I strongly disagree.
You can make you own logos and ask you friends what they think.
Here are some examples of logos that one can study.

Computer viruses and spyware / Re: email infected ? Unsure
« Last post by SuperDave on Today at 11:58:36 AM »
Once you get all your passwords changed that should be the end of the hacking. Make certain that you use strong passwords. They should include a capital letter along with some numbers.
Computer software / How to find best Logo website Service ..?
« Last post by Muzhirah on Today at 11:51:02 AM »
Accomplished designers have to work to design a logo and this takes work. To design a logo, you need to invest time and effort. It is not equivalent to just playing on the computer for a few hours. Google
Computer software / Re: Make variable shortcut in windows explorer
« Last post by DaveLembke on Today at 10:49:01 AM »
Please read BC_Programmers response to issues I had in shortcut generation, and specify if you want to go with powershell or vbscript as a method. Link below you will find BC_Programmers response with methods for generating shortcuts. For years I thought it was as simple as putting a path into a text file and renaming the text file from .TXT to .LNK but there is more to it than that.

So once I know your preference, I should be able to put this together for you.

Windows 8 / Re: Command prompt- altering file titles
« Last post by Geek-9pm on Today at 10:39:20 AM »
Here is a short batch that gives the names and paths of all PDF files.

Code: [Select]
The /B option gives a brief for of the path and file name.
The /S option does all directories below the current.
The LIST.TXT will have the list of all the files.

Windows 8 / Re: Command prompt- altering file titles
« Last post by Hackoo on Today at 10:33:24 AM »
Can you explain more your aim with an example, i mean what did you have like folder or subfolders ? and where are located all your PDF files ?
What did you expected as output name of your PDF files and so on...
For example if you have a PDF file named Sample.pdf ; you want to rename it as Prefix_Sample.pdf or something else ?
Your Prefix = inactive
so the new name becomes like that inactive_Sample.pdf ?
Microsoft DOS / Re: The system cannot find the file specified.
« Last post by DaveLembke on Today at 10:31:58 AM »
Pretty Cool tool you made.

I tried it out on this system Win 7 64-bit and oddly it shows a dead connection at as alive. I shared a screenshot showing all info below. I even did a traceroute to see if somehow was resolving outside of my local 10.0.0.x network which it shouldnt be and it wasnt just to be sure.


Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

  1  PC2 []  reports: Destination host unreachable.

Trace complete.


I will have to type all of this up from printed copy to run it on the XP kiosk box. No media is allowed to go from one system to another, but I can manually create from a printed copy the batch. But it might not be happening today. Maybe in the next couple days I can pick away at typing it up to get it to run on that box.

Also I was able to get multiple instances of what i was working with running when changing NULL to NULL0, NULL1, NULL2, NULL3, NULL4, and NULL5. The issue was that each instance was trying to write to same trash file, so giving each of them their own trash file worked.

I like your all in 1 approach... reading in a list of URL's or IP addresses from a text file and color representation too.  :) Somehow Destination unreachable is flagging as a false positive ping result though on this Win 7 system.  :-\

Windows 8 / Command prompt- altering file titles
« Last post by AliceC on Today at 10:12:52 AM »
Hi everyone! I am brand brand new to messsing around with command prompt, though I've already accomplished a few tasks with it. I work for an office that gives us no administrative access and I can't get any additional software which makes some tasks horribly tedious. One project I have coming up involves adding the word "inactive" to the front of thousands of PDF file names, all scattered among hundreds of folders within a single master folder. I've seen sites that suggest there is a way to use command prompt to batch  prepend file names, but so far nothing I've tried has worked. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to add to the front of all of the PDF file names stored in a master folder?

Basically, I have files with numerical file names like "12345" and "123654" and I need to rename all of the PDF's as "inactive 123456" or "inactive 123654" so that we keep the file on record but can instantly identify it as an old form that's not to be re-used. So I have a folder on my HD "form library" that's got lots of subfolders in it. I need to be able to rename every PDF file in all of its subfolders.

Thanks for your help!

Windows 10 / Re: windows 10 removal from hard drive
« Last post by redbird on Today at 09:28:13 AM »
Bc programmer your the best ! I don't know how it was change but that did it
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