Phoenix-Award BIOS help and simulation

This BIOS simulation is meant as a way to give users an online example of how to navigate through an Phoenix - Award CMOS setup using illustrated graphics of the Phoenix - Award BIOS and brief explanations of the navigation.

Using this simulation, users can get a better understanding on how to navigate, change values, and otherwise manipulate the Phoenix - Award BIOS.

Other BIOS simulations and additional help with the computer BIOS can be found on our BIOS help page.

Phoenix - Award BIOS differences

  • Arrow keys used to navigate.
  • PgUp and PgDn keys are used to change values.
  • Must Save and Exit in order to save values.

Navigation information

Like most computers using the Phoenix BIOS setup, each section of the Phoenix BIOS is broken into multiple pages to offer more available options and make it easier to locate information.

Navigating the Phoenix - Award BIOS is pretty straight forward, using the arrow keys a user can move between the available options on the screen. To change the values a user may press + or -, PgUp or PgDn, or the Enter key. To exit from one of a menu press the Esc key. Finally, once the values have been changed pressing the F10 key saves the values and exit from the CMOS setup.

Screen shots

The Phoenix - Award BIOS is capable of having numerous available options displayed to help customize and optimize your computer. Below are example illustrations of the Phoenix - Award BIOS and a brief description about each of the categories.

Notice: Depending on the manufacturer date of the BIOS, the version, and the manufacturer of the computer or motherboard, you may have more or less options than what is shown below.

Main screen

Below is an example of the main screen of the Phoenix - Award CMOS setup. This section of the CMOS setup enables the user to access each of the other sections of the BIOS. Because of the amount of available illustrations for each of the difference screens, we have created a menu to the right of this illustration that allows you to skip to other sections of the setup.

Phoenix Award BIOS setup

Available Options:

Standard CMOS features

The Standard CMOS features is the most commonly used area of this BIOS and enables a user to set the time, date, disk drive settings, and other commonly set values.

Phoenix Award Standard CMOS features

Advanced BIOS features

Another commonly accessed area of the BIOS, the Advanced BIOS Features section enables a user to change numerous settings in their computers BIOS.

Phoenix Award BIOS

Advanced chipset features

Phoenix Award BIOS

Integrated Peripherals

Phoenix Award BIOS

Additional information