Missing operating system

Missing operating systemIf you are receiving the Missing operating system error message it is recommended that you follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

Caution: Make sure this bootable diskette is designed for your operating system. For example, do not use a Windows 98 bootable diskette and follow the steps below on a computer with Windows XP.

  1. Make sure no other CD or Floppy is in the computer. We also recommend disconnecting all USB drives, including any MP3 players.
  2. Using a write protected bootable diskette, boot from the diskette and at the prompt type "sys c:" after pressing enter this should give you the message system transferred. Once this has been completed, reboot the computer. If you get any other messages, see the Boot disk page.
  3. If the number one does not resolve your issue, boot from the diskette again and at the prompt type "fdisk /mbr" and press enter. This should just return you back to the prompt. Once back at the prompt, reboot the computer.
  4. Finally, if one and two are unable to resolve your issue, it is recommended that you boot from the boot diskette again and reinstall or format and reinstall the operating system.

Additional information

  • See our operating system definition for further information and related links on this term.