I can connect to the Internet however cannot open any web pages

Internet and the webLeave your Internet connected and try the steps below.

Check to see if your computer is able to ping an Internet address:

Click Start, Run, type command
Type ping computerhope.com - This should give you a listing of results.
If you receive information on computerhope.com skip to the last paragraph.
If no results are received, type exit at the prompt to get back to Windows.

Once back in Windows, click Start, Run, and type winipcfg and press enter.
In winipcfg click the more info button and verify that a DNS Server is specified; if the DNS is blank or the computer is not being assigned a DNS address. A DNS is the method the computer resolves the names of Internet addresses such as computerhope.com.
Close out of winipcfg

Disconnect your Internet Service connection
Click Start, Settings, Control Panel and double-click Network
Highlight "TCP/IP -> Dial-Up Adapter" and click the properties button
Click the DNS Configuration tab and verify that Disable DNS is selected.
If this was already selected it is recommend that you contact the Internet Service provider to verify everything is currently working and to verify if any DNS settings need to be setup.

If you received information back when pinging computerhope.com but are not able to browse the Internet it is a good possibility that your browser software has become corrupt or that their are security settings preventing you from browsing the Internet. It is recommended that you either reinstall the browser or contact your Administrator.

Additional information

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