Main laptop battery does not fully charge

Computer AC/DC cable is bad not allowing the computer battery to charge

Verify that the AC/DC cable is not bad by removing the battery from the laptop and seeing if the computer can power on without the battery.

Battery is bad or old

Lo-ion batteryIf the power plug is good it's likely that your laptop battery is bad. If you're using a laptop with Microsoft Windows consider getting and installing BatteryCare on the computer to look at the total capacity of the battery.

Try leaving the laptop connected to the power with the battery inserted for at least two hours. If the battery still doesn't seem to charge, we suggest having the battery and the laptop serviced or repaired.

If the computer and battery is not in warranty we suggest replacing the battery as it's very likely that it is just a bad battery. Additional buying tips and information on buying a new battery can be found on our battery buying tips page.

Battery charger board is bad

If the battery has been replaced or an alternate battery from an alternate identical laptop does not work in the computer, it is likely that the power or charger board within the laptop is bad. It's recommended that the laptop be sent in to be repaired.

Additional information

  • See our battery definition for further information and related links on this term.