How do I determine the speed of my Internet connection? results of Internet speed testNumerous third-party web pages have been designed to test your Internet connection speed. Below is a short listing of some web pages that enable you to see how much bandwidth your connection has. We tried to create this list in order of best to worst for bandwidth testing. The picture shown to the right is an example of the results showing the download and upload speed of this computer.

Tip: If you want to test the speed of your cellular data connection on your smartphone, you can download the app on your smartphone and use it to test the data connection speed.

If after running any of the above speed tests you believe your Internet connection speed is not performing at the speeds it should be, contact your Internet provider. Computer Hope cannot assist users with Internet connection speed related issues. In many cases, other than probing your modem or network interface, an ISP can't do much more than test their end to make sure nothing is wrong.

Tip: Another great way to test your Internet connection averages is to install a bandwidth monitor utility on your computer. These tools can monitor your bandwidth and give you a good average of what your speed is in reports that can be generated by day, month, or year.