How to make a Windows AutoPlay CD

Computer CD-ROMThis document covers how to make a CD that AutoPlay's in Windows and not general steps on how to enable or disable the Windows AutoPlay feature.

Create an autorun.inf by clicking Start, Run, type notepad and press enter.

In notepad type:

icon= icon.ico

In the above paragraph where open is located if your CD has an executable that you would like to run automatically you would need to type it into this line. Next is the icon statement, if you would like your own icon for the CD place the name of the icon file into this path.

Once the above three lines have been typed save the file as autorun.inf and exit.

Note: The autorun.inf file has limited abilities, such as the inability of executing non-executable files. Often many users will want to create an autorun.inf file that executes an HTML file. However, entering something such as "open=index.html" causes an error. If you want to create a CD that executes an HTML file, a batch file, open a mail file, or almost any other file we suggest using AutorunPro from GUI Computing Pty Ltd.

This file can be downloaded from our download utilities section.

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