Where can I post my pictures, movies, or other files online for free?

Store files onlineUsers who have their own pictures, such as screen shots or family photos, movies, or other files may want to post them on the Internet and allow other family, friends, or people on the Internet to view them. Below is a listing of different locations on the Internet that allow you to post pictures, movies, or other files for free on their servers.

Internet service provider (ISP)

Your Internet service provider or company you use to connect to the Internet gives you a small amount of storage space on their servers for free. Before trying any of the below recommendations you may want to check with your ISP and see what space they give you and how to access it.

If available you can almost always connect to the server over FTP and upload the pictures to their server. Some companies also have easy to use Internet web interfaces that allow you to send files to the server over a web page.

Once the files have been uploaded they are accessible by opening your personal home page or directory. This directory commonly consists of the domain of your ISP followed by your home directory. For example, if your ISP's web page is "exampleisp.com and your username is myname, your home page could be http://www.exampleisp.com/users/~myname or http://www.exampleisp.com/users/myname.

Of course, all the above information is just an example and can change depending on who you use to connect to the Internet.


With free e-mail services giving more storage space to its users, if you're wanting to only share files with friends or family only and not with everyone on the Internet, try using these free mail services. For example, Google's Gmail gives its users 25GB of storage space.

Keep in mind if you plan on using this method of sharing your photos, videos, and other files between friends and family that if the files are large files (greater than 2MB) and the person you're sending an e-mail to does not utilize the same service or a service that does not support large e-mail attachments that you may not be able to send them the photos or files this way.

Social networks

Most don't think of Social Networks as a place to upload photo's, but If you are looking to upload and share your personal photo's Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are the best place to upload your photo's. Every day over 200 million new photo's are uploaded to Facebook.

Other third-party websites

There are dozens of companies and websites that allow you to store your pictures, images, movies, or other files on their site for free. Below is a listing of these sites as well as the files they allow you to post that we've found useful and family safe.

Flickr - http://www.flickr.com
Supported files: Photos
Description: An excellent site and community that enables its users to post their personal photos on their site. In addition to posting and allowing others to view your photos, there are millions of other people's photos that can be seen.

YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/
Supported files: Video
Description: An excellent site with a great community that enables users to post their own movie files on their server for everyone to view.

Google Drive - https://drive.google.com/
Supported files: Photos, Documents (e.g. PDF, DOC, and XLS)
Description: Another great free online service provided by Google that gives you 5GB of free storage and allows your files to be shared with anyone.

Dropbox - http://www.dropbox.com
Supported files: Any file
Description: Dropbox is another fantastic service that allows anyone to save any of their files online. What makes the service unique is the software available for every platform (including phones and tablets) that allows you to not only store your files online easy, but also share them between devices.

ImageShack - http://imageshack.us
Supported files: Photos, Other Image files
Description: A good site for posting small image files that requires no registration.

Photobucket - http://www.photobucket.com
Supported files: Photos, Other Image files
Description: Another great site to post your photos and image files for other people to view.

FileFront - http://www.filefront.com
Supported files: Photos, Other Image files, Video, Audio, Other
Description: An excellent site that supports a wide support of images capable of being uploaded to their server. In addition to being able to upload and share your files with other users, FileFront has an extensive network of servers to host the files and download time is always extremely fast.

UploadingIT.com - http://www.uploadingit.com/
Supported files: Photos, Other Image files, Video, Audio, Other
Description: Another great place to post files up to 100MB you may need to transfer, move, or share.