How can I find out another person's e-mail address?

EmailIn some situations, someone may lose their contacts or personal address book, causing them to lose all the e-mail addresses of their friends and family; you may lose contact with a person because they changed e-mail addresses; or you may be trying to look up old friends or people you knew in school or work to keep in touch with them. In any case, locating someone's e-mail can be a difficult and sometimes an impossible task with the amount of times many people change their e-mail addresses and the lack of any real up-to-date directory listing of e-mails on the Internet. However, below are some of the different methods you can try when attempting to locate another person's e-mail address.

Other Friends, family, co-workers
Saved e-mail
Websites, forums, blogs, and social networking pages
Search for their real life name
Create a page or post stating that you are looking for the person

Other Friends, family, co-workers

One of the best methods of getting e-mail addresses is to contact other friends, family, and co-workers, asking them if they know of the person's e-mail address, and if they do, if they could forward that address to you.

Saved e-mail

If you have any saved e-mails sent from the person, CC'd to the person, or that you have sent the person in the past, opening these e-mails allow you to view that person's e-mail address.

Websites, forums, blogs, and social networking pages

Another great method of finding a person's e-mail address is to locate their personal web page, blog (online journal), or other social networking page.

A listing of each of the popular and widely used social networking sites can be found on our social networking definition page. Our recommendation is to start with Facebook.

A listing of popular and widely used blog and online journal sites can be found on our weblog dictionary definition page.

Search for their real life name

If you know the person's full name, searching for that person may pull up the person's work e-mail address, their home page, or journal that contains contact information. Unfortunately, people with non-unique names may be harder to find; however, below are some different searches you could try in any popular search engine.

In the example below, we will be searching for the name "Jane Doe," and replacing it with an alternative name. Keep in mind that it is very unlikely that you will find any e-mail address if you don't know the person's full name.

"Jane Doe"

searching for the person's name in quotes will pull up any results that contain their full name. If the name is not a unique name, you may pull too many results to go through; try adding additional keywords as shown below.

"Jane Doe" Utah
"Jane Doe" Utah High School, College, or University
"Jane Doe" Utah work

Adding the state, school, or work in addition to your search can help eliminate bad results and help locate a match if it exists.

During your searches you may also pull up other contact information such as the person's phone number or postal address, which allow you to contact that person and ask them for their e-mail address. Usually, it's easier to find a person's postal address or phone number than attempting to find the person's e-mail.

For example, you can find almost anyone's phone number and address that is listed in a local listing by typing: Jane Doe Utah in a Google search.

Keep in mind: Some people may change their name during their lifetime; for example, a female may change her last name after getting married. A person may also move out of state or country, which also defeats the above search attempts.

Create a page stating that you are looking for the person

If all else fails and you have no method of contacting the person, create a web page that you are looking for the person and your contact information of how to get a hold of you. Many people will search for themselves on popular search engines and may stumble across the page you created and contact you.

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