Why does my download stop before it is finished?

DownloadBelow is a listing of different solutions to help decrease or eliminate this issue from occurring on your computer.

Try the download again

As mentioned above if your computer loses connection with the server while a file is being downloaded it can fail. Sometimes trying to download the file again allows it to complete.

Try the download again at a later time. If you're attempting to download a popular file or a file that has just been released it could be that the server is overloaded with people attempting to get the file at the same time.

Try a different server or mirror

Many popular files or sites that host hundreds of different files have those files on multiple servers or mirror sites. If you're having difficulty downloading the file try getting the file from a different server.

Download manager

For users who commonly encounter this problem when downloading from any web page getting a third-party download manager that can monitor and if needed resume a download from where it stopped is also a good solution to this problem.

There are hundreds of download managers including many that are free. Click here to open a search for these programs.

Upgrade to broadband

Finally, if all the above recommendations do not help with resolving this issue and you are not connected to the Internet using a broadband connection it may be time to consider upgrading to a broadband connection.

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