How do I copy a web page link?

Generic copy information

Copying the link (URL) of the web page you're currently on can be achieved by copying the address in the Address bar and pasting the address into another program. For example, in the picture below you can see that the Computer Hope URL has been highlighted. After the address has been highlighted pressing the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl + C will copy the address and then opening an e-mail or other document and pressing the shortcut key Ctrl + V will paste that address into the file.

Address bar

Copying a long address or URL

Often a dynamic web page or a database driven web page may have a long URL. Copying a long into another program especially an e-mail often cause the links to become bad. If the link is long (more than 60 characters) copy and paste the URL into a web page that creates a short link. Our favorite is Tiny URL, which is found on the link below.

Tip: If you're having problems highlighting the address because it is so long tripple-click you mouse on the address. When you tripple-click your left mouse button it will highlight the complete address without having to try to drag and highlight the address.

Copying a link within a page

To copy a link within a web page or the link of a picture on a web page, right-click the link or image and click Copy Shortcut or Copy Link Location. Finally, you can also view the properties of the link and copy the URL from within the properties.

Additional information

  • See the copy and link definitions for further information and help.