How can I check the ink or toner levels on my printer?

Note: None of the steps below will work if you have not installed the software that was included with your computer. It's also important to realize that these are often estimated ink levels and can be not exact.

  1. Turn on the printer.
  2. Locate the printer settings, often found by double-clicking or right-clicking the printer icon in the Systray in the bottom right corner of your screen by the time.
  3. In the printer settings you should be able to see the ink or toner levels for your printer. Below are a few different examples of what these screens may look like.

Available toner in laser printer
Samsung Laser printer available toner example

Ink printer available ink
HP Photosmart 7900 available ink example

Additional information

  • See our ink cartridge and toner definitions for further information and related links on these terms.