How do I remove a laptop key or keycap?

Note: This document is also meant for general reference and may not apply to your laptop. If you have a desktop computer see removing keys form a desktop keyboard steps.

Notice: Before removing any of the keyboard keys make sure the computer is turned off or at the very least locked so nothing is mistakenly typed that causes other problems.

Removing keycap

To remove the keycap from the keyboard place use your finger nail, small flathead screw driver, or knife under one of the corners of the key and gently pry the keycap up and away from the laptop until you hear a snap.

Laptop keyboard key retainerIn many situations the key only snaps out partially. If the keycap is still attached to the laptop use your fingers to pull the keycap completely off the laptop. Once removed you should see the key retainer still attached to the laptop with the pad in the middle. If needed this too can be removed from the laptop by placing a flathead or knife edge under a corner and gently twisting it until it pops off.

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