Help my e-mail address has been hacked

EmailWhen an e-mail account is hacked or taken over, the attacker almost always uses that account to spread spam and viruses. If your friends, family, or coworkers are receiving e-mail from you advertising something like Viagra your e-mail is compromised. Log into your e-mail and change your e-mail account password.

Tip: E-mail addresses can also be spoofed without hacking the e-mail account. After changing the e-mail password, if your friends continue to get e-mails you have not sent, it is likely someone is spoofing your e-mail address.

E-mail password doesn't word

If you are unable to log into your e-mail account and use an online service such as Gmail or Hotmail use the forgot password feature link that is often below the username and password login boxes. Depending on the service you should be able to reset your password.

If you are unable to change your password or this service does not work the only people who are going to be able to reset your account information is the company or ISP who is providing you e-mail access.