What does destination host unreachable mean?

This message is typically encountered when running the ping, tracert, or other network command that cannot communicate with the host you entered. Alternative versions of this error include the below two errors.

Unable to resolve target system name compuuterhope.com

Ping request could not find host compuuterhope.com. Please check the name and try again.

These errors could be due to a network problem, a server being down, privileges, firewall settings, bad router configuration, misspelling, bad Modem, or bad router.

If the host you are trying to access is on the Internet, enter the address in the field below and see if our computers can access the host. If our computers are also having a problem, it is likely a problem with their network or server and not your computer or network.


If our computers do not have an issue or this is an internal network host, you need to diagnose the problem yourself. If you are not the network administrator for this network, we suggest contacting the network administrator. If you are a home user contact your ISP for additional assistance. If you are the network administrator, check your router settings, reboot the router, and run a traceroute to the host. If a traceroute cannot complete, one of the computers or routers between you and the host has problems.

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