Address bar

Alternatively referred to as the address box, location bar, or URL bar, the address bar is a term used to describe the text box used to enter a website's address in an Internet browser. For example, the address for this web page "" should be listed in your address bar, which is often at the top of the Internet browser application window. The address bar allows the user to enter a URL or IP address of the page they want to visit or save that page for later. New browsers also allow a user to click the down arrow to view recently visited pages. Below are two examples of what an address bar may look like in your browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer address bar
Internet Explorer 6 address bar

Internet Explorer 7.0 secure address bar
Internet Explorer 7 secure address bar

Tip: All browsers support the shortcut key Ctrl + L or F6 to focus on the address bar without using your mouse. See our shortcut key to get into the address bar tip for other ways to focus on address bar.

The latest versions of Internet browsers such as Chrome and Internet Explorer have replaced the address bar with an Omnibox. The Omnibox is a box that supports more than just an Internet address. It also supports searching and other special features depending upon the browser.

My address bar is missing

The address bar should always be visible, unless you are running the browser is running in fullscreen. Press the F11 key to switch between fullscreen and normal view.

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