Exclamation Mark1. Slang used to describe the exclamation mark. The exclamation mark (!) is a punctuation mark found on the 1 key on a standard United States QWERTY keyboard. To create an exclamation mark hold down the Shift key and press the 1 key.

In the picture below, is an example of where you may see exclamation marks in Microsoft Windows. As can be seen, there are five exclamation marks on five other devices listed in the Windows Device Manager. These exclamation marks indicate errors with these hardware devices.

Exclamation mark in Windows Device Manager

How else is the exclamation mark used with a computer?

  • In programming and scripting languages the exclamation mark is used as "not." For example, != also means not equal, see our operator definition for further information.
  • Used to help identify a nonexecutable statement.
  • A shebang to help scripts such as Perl scripts to identify the location of Perl.

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2. Bang is also used to describe the physical process of hitting an object, often the keyboard. For example, a person may get frustrated with their computer and bang their hands on the keyboard.

Also see: !=, Keyboard terms, Whack