1. Short for robots, a bot is a fictitious character, programmed character or a piece of software designed to mimic a real character or player.

2. A bot may also be a software program designed to do a specific task such as gather a listing of websites with the latest news, maintaining a web page or chat, etc. Examples of Computer Hope bots include Zero and Hopebot.

3. In an MMORPG, a bot generally refers to a third-party application that controls a player's in-game character while they're not at their keyboard, or AFK. Their purpose is to gain experience or valuables through repetitive actions that are sometimes considered monotonous to a player.

4. Shorthand for Back On Topic, BOT is commonly used in chat rooms and other text message communications. Below is an example of how this could be used.

Anyhow, lets get BOT please.

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