Caps Lock

Computer keyboard caps lock LEDThe Caps Lock key is a computer keyboard toggle key that enables or disables all the letters from being typed in uppercase. When the Caps Lock key is enabled, the keyboard types "LIKE THIS" and when it is disabled, the keyboard types "like this." The picture shows an example of the keyboard LED's that indicate if keyboard toggle keys are enabled or disabled. In this example, the num lock key is currently the only enabled key, indicated by the blue LED. When Caps Lock is enabled the Caps Lock indicator will illuminate.

Tip: Apple keyboards and some other keyboards have the Caps Lock LED indicator on the Caps Lock key.

Tip: When typing anything on the Internet, never talk in all uppercase, it is considered improper etiquette and most readers see this as YELLING.

Where is the Caps Lock key on the keyboard?

Below is an overview of a computer keyboard with the Caps Lock key highlighted in blue.

Caps Lock

How to enable and disable the Caps Lock

To activate the Caps Lock key, press the key once which should turn on a light to indicate it is enabled. To disable, turn off, or unlock the Caps Lock key, press the key again and the Caps Lock light will turn off to indicate its off.

Where is the Caps Lock on smartphones and tablets

Apple iPhone keyboardThe default keyboards included with Android and Apple smartphones and tablets do not include a Caps Lock key. To capitalize a letter, press the key that looks like an up arrow and then the letter you want to capitalize. In the picture to the right, the up arrow is next to the letter Z and because it's solid black in color, that means it is enabled.

Tip: If you want to type in all caps on a phone or tablet, double-tap the arrow. If done properly, the arrow has an underline and remains active until tapped again.

Where is the Caps Lock on a Google Chromebook?

On Google Chromebooks, the Caps Lock key is replaced with the Search Key. To turn Caps Lock on and off on a Google Chromebook, press the Alt key and Search Key at the same time. See our Search Key page for further information and an example of this key.

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