Dropdown Menu

Sometimes referred to as a pull-down menu, drop down list, or drop down box, a dropdown menu is a menu that appears when clicking on a button or text selection. For example, many programs have a "File" drop down menu at the top left of their screen. Clicking on the "File" text generates a new menu with additional options. Below is an example of a drop down menu as a form component in your Internet browser.

Select a Choice:

A drop down menu can make it easier to display a large list of choices - since only one choice is displayed initially, the remaining choices are shown when the user activates the dropbox. To place a drop box on a web page, you would use a select element. The first <option> tag within the select element needs to have the selected option set to the value of selected, as shown in the code below:

Select a Choice:
<select name="example" id="s">
<option selected="selected">Choice 1</option>
<option>Choice 2</option>
<option>Choice 3</option>

Form tips: If a form is asking your for your state in a drop down menu press the first letter of your state. For example, if you live in Utah press "u" to scroll down to Utah without having to scroll down using the mouse.

Drop down menu in a program window

Drop down menu's can also be used in software. For example, in the Windows operating system they are used to make a selection from a group of options, such as what display theme to use, as shown below.

Drop down menu example in Windows

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