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HTML <noframes> tag

HTML noframes tagWhen writing in HTML, the <noframes> tag was used as a backup tag for browsers that did not support the <frame> element. More specifically, it was useful for linking a non-frameset version of a web page or letting the user know that their browser doesn't support frames.

Note: The <noframes> tag can contain all the HTML elements that you find inside the <body> of a page, and it must be nested within a <frameset> element.

Note: The <noframes> is more or less obsolete due to the fact that all browsers currently support frames, and frames are being phased out.

Example code

<frameset cols="25%,25%,50%">
<frame src="frame1.htm">
<frame src="frame2.htm">
<frame src="frame3c.htm"> <noframes>Sorry, your browser does not support frames.</noframes>


Internet Explorer Firefox Safari Opera Chrome
All versions * All versions * All version * All versions * All versions *

*Until it is removed in a future version of HTML

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