1. In general, a paragraph refers to a new section of text that is separated by an empty line and in many cases has the first line indented. Often a new paragraph is created when talking about a different subject, time changes, or setting changes.

     This is an example of a new paragraph of text. As can be seen this line is indented with five spaces or a tab and helps break up all the text in this document.

Paragraph symbol2. A paragraph symbol or pilcrow is a formatting mark that helps represent the end of a paragraph. The graphic shown on this page is an example of a paragraph symbol. To see this symbol in your document, formatting marks must be enabled.

Tip: In Windows to create this mark open the character map tool and select and copy the mark to be inserted into any document or picture.

3. In HTML a paragraph is created by surrounding text with the <p></p> tags. For example, in the below HTML code is an example of three different paragraphs.

<p>This is an example of the first paragraph.</p>
<p>This would be another paragraph that is separated from the first paragraph.</p>
<p class="borderexample">This is another paragraph that would have a CSS border around the paragraph. In this example, the class is telling the browser what CSS class to use for this one paragraph.</p>

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