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Mac OS 9Mac OS 9 is the latest public release of the Apple operating system, which includes new and unique features not found in any other operating system. Below are some of the new features found with this new operating system.

Sherlock 2 - Which offers the capability of quickly searching and purchasing online.
3D acceleration - Support for technologies such as OpenGL, allowing improved video and a wider gaming experience.
Share files - Share files and folders over the Internet with other Mac users.
Colorsync 3.0 - Manages color even more efficiently.
Synchronize - Synchronizes with Palm computing products using HotSync software.
TCP/IP - Provides access to TCP/IP networks.
Lock System - Ensures that system folders and applications do not accidentally get reconfigured by having the capability of locking the system.


If the "happy Macintosh" and the "Welcome to Macintosh" screens appear before the "sad Macintosh", the problem is probably in the system software.

When the "sad Macintosh" face appears immediately at power up, it usually means a hardware problem. Some of the common hardware issues are problems with SIMMs or hard drive.


1Bus Error
2Address Error
3Illegal Instruction
4Division by Zero
5Rage Check Error
7Privilege Violation
8Trace Mode Error
9Line 1010 Trap
10Line 1011 Trap
11Hardware Exception Error
12Unimplemented Core Routine
13Uninstalled Interrupt
14I/O Core
15Floating Point Error
17List Manager Not Present
18Bit Edit Not Present
19Disk Initialization Package Not Present
20Standard File Not Present
21SANE Not Present
22SANE Transcendental Functions Not Present
23International Utilities Not Present
24Binary-Decimal Conversion Package Not Present
25Out of Memory
26Bad Program Launch
27File System Map Trashed
28Stack Ran into Heap
29AppleShare Error
30Disk Insertion Error
31No Disk Inserted
32-50Memory Manager Error
41The Finder Could Not Be Found on the Disk
51Unserviceable Slot Interrupt
52-53Memory Manager Error
81Bad SANE Opcode
84Menu Purged While in Use
85Couldn't Load MBDF
86Couldn't Load Hierarchical Menu's Parent
87Couldn't Load WDEF
88Couldn't Load CDEF
90Floating Point Coprocessor Not Installed