Windows 2000 switches

Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope

Below is a listing of switches that can be run in conjunction with WINNT.EXE or WINNT32.EXE for the setup of Windows 2000. If you are familiar with Windows NT setup you may recall the WINNT /b switch that allowed for diskless installation of Windows NT. Fortunately, this has been incorporated into the default installation of Windows 2000.

/s Location of Windows NT source files.
/unattend Unattended installation.
/udf Specifies Uniqueness Database File for unattended install.
/tempdrive Location of temporary files.
/copydir Installs additional directory.
/copysource Copies source files to local directory.
/cmd Executes command after GUI mode.
/syspart Copies temporary files to specified drive.

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