Top 10 Google Chrome tips

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Like any good browser, Google Chrome has several dozen keyboard shortcuts that can help improve your productivity. Below are a few of our top favorites. Ctrl+1-8 = Press... Continue reading >>

Today's Computer Word: Desktop

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1. A desktop is a term commonly used to describe a desktop computer or system unit. 2. When referring to an operating system or GUI (graphical user interface), the deskt... Continue reading >>

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How do I find the computer motherboard chipset?

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Review the options below for help on determining the chipset of the motherboard installed in your computer. The user manual is the quickest and easiest way to determine ... Continue reading >>

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Today in Computer History

1952 - Alan Cooper is born.
1968 - Larry Roberts publishes ARPANET program plan.
1983 - The movie Wargames is released.
2003 - Napster files for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
2009 - Microsoft launches the Bing search engine.

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