Top 10 Firefox Add-ons

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Below is a listing of our top 10 favorite Firefox add-ons and extensions. These software modules can be added to Firefox to customize its behavior, improve its security,... Continue reading

Today's Computer Word: Socket

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When referring to a processor, a CPU socket or processor socket is a connection that allows a computer processor to connect to a motherboard. For example, the Socket ... Continue reading

How to Open a Microsoft .wps or Works File in Word

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To view a Microsoft Works .wps file in Microsoft Word, you need a converter that enables Microsoft Word to view the files. Microsoft provides a free file called WorksCon... Continue reading

Today in Computer History

1919 - Andrew F. Kay was born.
1969 - Tony Fadell was born.
1993 - First Intel Pentium was introduced.
2000 - Perl 5.6 was released.
2005 - WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) was introduced.

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