Move Forward and Back Using the Keyboard

Move Forward and Back Using the Keyboard picture

In all major Internet browsers, you can move forwards and backwards by pressing and holding the Alt key and then pressing the left or right arrow key. Pressing the left ... Continue reading

Today's Computer Word: ASCII Art

Yesterday's word - Random word

ASCII Art picture

Alternatively called ANSI art, text art, or word art, ASCII art is the forming pictures or art out of the characters available in the ASCII chart. These pictures were po... Continue reading

Why Does My Laptop Not Turn on?

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If your laptop does not turn on, or gets stuck and does not boot when powered on, there are things you can try and resolve the issue. Below are troubleshooting steps to ... Continue reading

Today in Computer History

1897 - Maxwell Newman was born.
1920 - An Wang was born.
1925 - Nikolay Brusentsov was born.
1941 - Leslie Lamport was born.
1956 - Mark McCahill was born.
2000 - CNR was introduced by Intel.
2007 - Yahoo! releases Yahoo! Pipes.
2012 - Corel completed its acquisition of Roxio.
2014 - The Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy after $460 million was reported stolen by hackers.

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