Use the Microsoft Word Format Painter to copy formatting

Use the Microsoft Word Format Painter to copy formatting picture

If you're trying to copy the format of text to other text, you can use the Microsoft Format Painter option, shown in the pictures to the right. The top image is an examp... Continue reading

Today's Computer Word: E Ink

Yesterday's word - Random word

E Ink picture

Hardware company founded in 1997 with research that started at the MIT Media Lab that develops EPD (electronic paper displays) technologies found in such products as ... Continue reading

How to Install Software

How to Install Software picture

The installation process for software or apps depends on your operating system (Windows and macOS), device (computer, smartphone, or tablet), and the program you are ins... Continue reading

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Today in Computer History

1937 - Ted Nelson was born.
1956 - Drew Major was born.
1980 - Atari becomes the first company to register a Copyright for two computer games "Asteroids" and "Lunar Lander".
2008 - IBM launced their 115,000-square foot greenest data center in Boulder Colorado.
2010 - OnLive introduced its flagship cloud gaming service.

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