Display multiple clocks in Windows

Display multiple clocks in Windows picture

Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 can show multiple clocks at once. You can use this feature to monitor the current time in different parts of the world. For example... Continue reading

Today's Computer Word: Temporary File

Yesterday's word - Random word

Temporary File picture

Alternatively referred to as a foo file, a temporary file or temp file is a file created to hold information while a file's being created or modified. After the program ... Continue reading

How to shut down a computer

How to shut down a computer picture

Shutting down a computer closes all open programs and exits the operating system safely so hardware isn't damaged and your operating system isn't corrupted. The sections... Continue reading

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Today in Computer History

1940 - John Warnock was born.
1941 - Chester Carlson gets patent for electric photography more commonly known today as photocopying.
1943 - Jonathan Postel was born.

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