Create small easy to read URL

Create small easy to read URL picture

Sometimes, you want to share the specific web address you're viewing, but the URL is long and confusing. Long URLs can be difficult to send in an SMS or a tweet, and awk... Continue reading >>

Today's Computer Word: Run

Run picture

1. The Windows Run or Run box is a feature first introduced in Microsoft Windows 95 and included in all later versions of Windows. It allows the user to open a program b... Continue reading >>

Yesterday's word - Random word

How to create a text file

How to create a text file picture

You can create a text file on your computer with a text editor. An example of a text editor is Notepad, which is included with Microsoft Windows. When we refer to a &quo... Continue reading >>

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Today in Computer History

1906 - Reynold Johnson is born.
1951 - Dan Bricklin is born.
1968 - Larry Sanger is born.
1997 - Microsoft releases DirectX 5.0 (

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