Print Only Sections of a Page

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Save on your printer ink by selectively printing in Windows programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer (or another browser), WordPad, Outlook, etc. To do ... Continue reading

Today's Computer Word: Mosaic

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Officially known as NCSA Mosaic, Mosaic was the first widely used graphical World Wide Web browser. It was released on April 22, 1993, by the NCSA with the help of Ma... Continue reading

Why Can't I Open Any Web Pages When Connected to the Internet?

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If you can connect to the Internet, but web pages do not open, the problem is somewhere in the send and receive process. The issue is often related to one of the followi... Continue reading

Today in Computer History

1925 - Seymour Cray was born.
1970 - Igor Sysoev was born.
1987 - Star Trek: The Next Generation TV show premiers for the first time.
1998 - Microsoft Internet Explorer passes Netscape in Internet browser market share for the first time.
1999 - Phoenix acquired Sand Microelectronics.
2006 - Hewlett-Packard announces its plans to purchase the PC maker VoodooPC.
2009 - Xerox announced it would be acquiring Affiliated Computer Services.
2010 - The Document Foundation releases LibreOffice.
2015 - Samsung released Samsung Pay for its smartphones.

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