Create a Send to shortcut

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The Send to is a feature that enables users to send programs to an alternate location. An example of the send to feature is right-clicking a file and clicking send to an... Continue reading

Today's Computer Word: Flat-panel Display

Yesterday's word - Random word

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Sometimes abbreviated as FPD, a flat-panel display is a display technology which succeeds CRT as the new standard for desktop computer displays. Unlike CRT monitors, fla... Continue reading

How to connect and disconnect a computer external hard drive

How to connect and disconnect a computer external hard drive picture

Using an external hard drive is an excellent way to back up important files and transfer files from one computer to another. Today, nearly all external hard drives are l... Continue reading

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Today in Computer History

1916 - Morgan Sparks was born.
1952 - Adi Shamir was born.
1986 - David Karp was born.
2013 - Microsoft announced that they were shutting down MSN TV.
2016 - Pokemon GO was released for Android and iPhone smartphones. The game was downloaded more than 10 million times within a week and became the fastest growing app..

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