Top 10 Facebook Tips

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Below is a listing of our top 10 tips for the popular social networking website Facebook. It quickly gets annoying seeing some users posts, game invites, polls, etc. Hov... Continue reading

Today's Computer Word: ScanDisk

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Microsoft utility purchased from Norton, which is now Symantec, and included with MS-DOS 6.2 and later, and all versions of Microsoft Windows except Windows NT. ScanDisk... Continue reading

Mac vs. PC

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The Mac vs. PC debate is one of the most controversial topics about computers. This page gives an overall comparison between computers running Apple's macOS and those ru... Continue reading

Today in Computer History

1858 - Jagadish Bose was born.
1998 - The game Baldur's Gate was released by Interplay Entertainment.
1999 - The game Unreal Tournament was released.
2006 - Microsoft begins releasing Windows Vista to corporations.
2009 - The first Barnes and Noble Nook was released.
2016 - Fitbit announced plans to purchase Pebble for as much as $40 million.

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