Eliminate Most, if Not All Spam E-mails

Eliminate Most, if Not All Spam E-mails picture

Users may eliminate most, if not all, of the spam e-mail they receive using Google Gmail as an e-mail filter. Gmail has one of the best, if not the best, spam filtering ... Continue reading

Today's Computer Word: Screw

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Screw picture

A screw is a small metal post with threads going down around it. At the end of the post is a head with different indentations, depending on the type of screw. A screwdri... Continue reading

How to Enable or Disable the Microsoft Windows Firewall

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Many users are interested in either enabling or disabling their Windows Firewall for various reasons. Some users want to utilize a different firewall, and some may have ... Continue reading

Today in Computer History

1926 - John Diebold was born.
1936 - Robert Floyd was born.
1955 - Dave Raggett was born.
1955 - Tim Berners-Lee was born.
1978 - Intel introduced the 8086.
1995 - The server-side interpreted scripting language, PHP was publicly released by Rasmus Lerdorf.
1998 - ICQ was purchased by AOL for $287 million.
1998 - [email protected] was introduced.
2005 - Unity engine was released.
2009 - Apple introduced macOSX 10.6, code-named Snow Leopard.
2010 - PMC-Sierra, Inc. completed the acquisition of Adaptec, inc. storage division and became Adaptec by PMC.
2015 - Apple introduced macOSX 10.11, code-named El Captain.

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