Enabling Windows GodMode

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Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit version) introduced a new hidden feature called GodMode that lets you view and adjust all settings within Windows. To create a shortcut t... Continue reading

Today's Computer Word: Tilde

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Alternatively known as the squiggly or twiddle, the tilde is a character ( ~ ) on keyboards below the Esc (escape key). It is on the same key as the back quote and resem... Continue reading

Desktop Computer vs. Laptop Computer

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When deciding between purchasing a desktop or a laptop computer, you'll need to consider a handful of criteria and determine what best fits your needs. Below is a chart ... Continue reading

Today in Computer History

1937 - Ted Nelson was born.
1956 - Drew Major was born.
1980 - Atari becomes the first company to register a Copyright for two computer games "Asteroids" and "Lunar Lander".
2008 - IBM launched their 115,000-square foot greenest data center in Boulder Colorado.
2010 - OnLive introduced its flagship cloud gaming service.

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