Computer hardware listing

Updated: 03/05/2023 by Computer Hope
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Click the beginning letter of the hardware device or scroll down for a complete listing.

Hardware - # Drivers Contacts
No hardware beginning with # currently listed.
Hardware - A Drivers Contacts
AGP None Motherboard companies
APM None BIOS companies
AT/DIN5 None Motherboard companies
Hardware - B Drivers Contacts
Batteries None Battery companies
BIOS None BIOS companies
Bus None Motherboard companies
Hardware - C Drivers Contacts
Case None Case companies
CD-R CD drivers Disc drive companies
CD-ROM CD drivers Disc drive companies
CD-RW CD drivers Disc drive companies
Chassis None Chassis companies
CMOS None Battery companies
COM port None Motherboard companies
CPU None CPU companies
Hardware - D Drivers Contacts
Dip switches None Motherboard companies
DVD None Disc drive companies
Hardware - E Drivers Contacts
EIDE Controller drivers Motherboard companies
EISA None Motherboard companies
Hardware - F Drivers Contacts
Flex Modem drivers Modem companies
Floppy drive None Backup companies
Hardware - G Drivers Contacts
No hardware beginning with G currently listed.
Hardware - H Drivers Contacts
Hard drive Hard Drive drivers Hard drive companies
Headset None Headset companies
Heat sink None Heat sink companies
Hardware - I Drivers Contacts
IDE None Motherboard companies
Infrared port None Motherboard companies
Intel OverDrive processor None CPU companies
Intel Pentium processor None CPU companies
Interposer None CPU companies
IrDA None Motherboard companies
IRQs None Motherboard companies
ISA None Motherboard companies
Hardware - J Drivers Contacts
Joystick None Joystick companies
Jumpers None Motherboard companies
Hardware - K Drivers Contacts
Keyboard None Keyboard companies
Hardware - L Drivers Contacts
LCD None LCD companies
Hardware - M Drivers Contacts
MCA None Motherboard companies
Memory None Memory companies
Microphone None Sound card companies
Modem Modem drivers Modem companies
Monitor None Monitor companies
Motherboard None Motherboard companies
Mouse None Mouse companies
Hardware - N Drivers Contacts
Network card NIC drivers Network companies
NICad batteries None Battery companies
NiMH batteries None Battery companies
Hardware - O Drivers Contacts
OverDrive None Intel
Hardware - P Drivers Contacts
Parallel port None Motherboard companies
Palm Pilot None 3COM
PCI None Motherboard companies
PCMCIA and PC Card Controller drivers PC Card companies
PDA None PDA companies
Power supply None Power supply companies
Power management None BIOS companies
Printer Printer drivers Printer companies
Processor None CPU companies
PS/2 None Motherboard companies
Hardware - Q Drivers Contacts
No hardware beginning with Q currently listed.
Hardware - R Drivers Contacts
RAID Controller drivers RAID companies
RAM None RAM companies
Riser board None Motherboard companies
Hardware - S Drivers Contacts
Scanner Scanner drivers Scanner companies
SCSI Controller drivers SCSI companies
Serial port None Port companies
Sound card Sound drivers Sound card companies
Speakers None Speaker companies
Splitter None Splitter companies
SPS None SPS companies
Surge suppressor None Surge companies
Hardware - T Drivers Contacts
Tape drive Tape drivers Tape drive companies
Hardware - U Drivers Contacts
UPS None UPS companies
USB None Intel
Hardware - V Drivers Contacts
V.90 Modem drivers Modem companies
Video card Video drivers Video card companies
VLB None Video companies
Hardware - W Drivers Contacts
Worm drive Tape drivers Disc drive companies
Hardware - X Drivers Contacts
X2 Modem drivers Modem companies
Hardware - Y Drivers Contacts
No hardware beginning with Y currently listed.
Hardware - Z Drivers Contacts
Zip drive Tape drivers Iomega