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feedback commentsBelow are just a few of the recent comments that Computer Hope receives each day. This type of feedback are what help us continue to provide a free service to everyone, thank you. The following opinions are those of the individuals who have written them and to protect their privacy we've only listed their first name or alias.

Simple explanation how to save an Excel spreadsheet as a CSV comma delimited file, worked perfectly. Thanks. (Wkuehne1)

Good job :) Easy to understand. (John )

I was a computer hope user since 2001 (yes ! 2001 !) Thanks a lot! (Ari)

For once I understand without having to look elsewhere - thanks. (Anonymous)

Nice experience, we want more updates like this.... (J. I.)

Thank you computer hope. Keep putting smiles on our face. (A.)

Your step by step help allowed me to find out that something is wrong with my laptop touchpad not the system. Thanks. (BigHornDave)

It was the exact solution I was looking for. Thank you! (Trina)

The website content is very simple to read, understand and non-technical for non-programmers to use different knowledge. Thanks for providing this awesome info! Keep it up! (Dan)

I wanted to know why my computer would shut off unexpectedly and I found the answer I needed. (Ed)

Thank you so much! Not having the battery life icon is pretty inconvenient. I woke up this morning to my computer having done updates overnight and the battery icon was missing. So dumb. Thanks for your suggestions! Super easy! (Nicole)

Great job! The PC started downloading PDFs and all I wanted to do is open them. The instructions were clear. It worked. THANK YOU! (Dayton)

Went to homepage, did a search and went directly to info I wanted. Thanks! (Bill)

This worked well! I have tried another site but no luck with that. This was indeed helpful!! (Ash)

Thank you so much! I had to complete a school project of our own choices, and I selected the history of Windows computers. This helped me so much! Thank you! =). (Samantha)

I'am a new beginner on the computer I needed this skill to completed my goals in medical field think you for this Information on Keyboard shortcut. So now lets get started learning my keys!!!!!THINKS AGAIN!!!. (Anonymous)

Thank you. You just helped me solve a problem with the numerous options you provided. Thank you very much. (Temi)

Good morning! Thank you very much for the very complete explanations and articles. Cheers! Gracias!! (Renato)

Better, more straightforward explanation than my children could give! Thanks. (H Green)

I just thank you so much for such useful information I was able to solve my issue. Thank you so much again. (Musa)

Thank you very much. The steps defined for getting the internet access after enabling the DHCP really proved beneficial to me. I shall be very thankful to you. This is the site I recommend everyone to search on when problems occur in their pcs. (Nauman)

Yeah! this information is very useful for me Thank you so much... (Muhammad)

Those two words, excellent and simple say it all. (Bedanta)

Only just started looking (used b4 a few years ago d just saw you referenced on a Y. T. Vid, & remembered using you then, pleased that ur still about, nice to have some honesty, non-clickbait, all round Genuine purpose site/people) nice one!. (Jak)

This was the single most informative series of pages I can recall accessing with a computer-related question. It was well-written, comprehensive, properly sequenced and successfully anticipated the questions of the reader. Well done, and thank you. (Charlotte Anderson)

Thanks for your expertise and effort. (Anonymous)

I appreciate the information I got here, I learnt some few things which made my work easier. I can confidently refer a friend to you. (Diks01)

Made for the average user. No long winded jargon filled detail. Just straight to the point and clear instruction. Thank you. (Anonymous)

The steps were very simple and unnecessary detail was not given. I find that in other websites, a lot of unnecessary detail is given but this website was straight and to the point. Thank you. (Ally)

The site was full of the exact information I was after, it was quick and easy to find, and my problem (hostname in this case) has been completely solved, so thanks for that. (B)

My touch pad was not responding. There was no new driver to update, however, I did not realize that there was a FN key combo which would enable/disable my touchpad. I pressed the combo and now my touchpad works! Thanks for the detailed troubleshooting. (S.)

Thanks for all. I use yours pages many, many years. Thanks again. (Arilson)

Great advice, easy to follow, even for the 'technologically challenged', such as myself. Thanks! (T)

Search brought me to your page, page clearly told me what I needed to know, no problem. Frankly I don't think it needs improvement. (Cricket)

It was so easy for me to find what I was researching on, thanks a lot. (Marvin)

Thank you for creating this helpful website. (Justin)

Thank you for creating this helpful website. (Justin)

I found it very difficult to find the necessary information on forums and youtube. Once I came across this document everything became so simple. There was no need to worry for the uncertainty of the problem disappeared. Thank you computerhope. (Chris)

I feel this site can and will teach me so much more about a computer than I already thought I knew. (J.)

This website is very handy in case you have any issues. Keep up the good work :p. (Ryan M.)

This article made my day as beginner pythoneer searching how to scrape sub-content within whole file given search criteria. Thank you! (J. S.)

I like the use of the simple language used to explain and define the terms applied. (Emmanuel A.)

Thank you so much - you guys are heroes lol! Didn't realize that the speaker had to be attach to the "line out" port. Thanks again. (Bill)

Can't improve it. Concise and to the point. Cheers. (Ian)

CLEAR, EXACT, VERY SIMPLE EXPLANATION,doesnt need too much explanation, direct to the point, very easy to understand because of the summarazation, thnkz so much, well appreciated. (Nihin)

Used ur suggestion to utilize the Device Manager to fix the battery power icon option which was grayed out.. and it worked like a charm! On the first try! Moreover, I learned new things about my computer. Mahalo! (H. R.)

The information was logical, easy to follow, well set out and useful in assisting me to decide whether to purchase a desktop or laptop computer. Thanks. (Anonymous)

Many thanks for the advice to get my battery icon back on my task bar. (Clare)

Plz continue with the great work of keeping us updated. (N. Hellen)

I just want to thank you very much. (A. M.) was suggested to me quite some time ago. I love this website because the information is easy to understand. And it's a safe place to come for the kind of computer information I'm looking for because I know I do not need to buy something, or won't be hit with a bunch of ads and so on. Thank you for this service. (Laurie)

Thank you very much. You guys made it simple and easy to find what I was looking for after so long of searching everywhere!. (Daniel)

Thank you so much for the help, I was panicking because this is my dad's computer and the touchpad wasn't working so I thought it was broken but it wasn't! Thank you so, so much for posting solutions like these :). (Lilly)

Thank you for the informative information you provide here. (M.)

I love it beecause I learned so many things about storage devices. (John)

I love it because I learned so many things about storage devices. (John)

Easy and simple info, Keep the good work up!. (Harsh)

It was simple and fast. Good job. (Emmanuel)

It's a definitely clear, understandable discription about computer devices, so I would like to say thank you, and I hope to get another lesson like this. Appreciate. (Sami)

I am not a computer person and "Computer Hope" has been a big help! I appreciate the practical topics with solutions offered even for the small stuff, like deleting the auto fill in my work place email account. Its the little things that count that I was able to find in this website that I have not seen elsewhere. From Hawaii, a big thank you to Computer Hope staff! (Kim)

I appreciate the direct and simple answer. (Xia)

Very well done. Compact, clear, with minimum tech jargon. (C. S.)

I was looking for general information about personal storage devices for a class assignment. This covered the highlights of what I was hoping to find, and gave me additional history. Very easy reading for a non-techy. Many thanx - (Rachel)

I really like using computerhope link. There are plenty of relevant examples in the website and the content is well structured. I suggested the link to my college Professor too. Thank you for helping our studies with the free and valuable content. (Anonymous)

Thanks for the help. It was really easy to repeat the steps on my computer. Got what I wanted. Amazing site. Keep it up. (Sheel)

This is a great site.. I will use it in the future. (H. B.)

I was in dire need of this info as my mouse had suddenly stopped working and I had to complete my work urgently. Thanks a lot for keeping the info simple and easy to comprehend. (Philip)

Links worked fine, and information was easy to digest and informative. (L. S.)

This site is the best, as far as computer history is concerned. (E.)

I was looking to sort a long list of PDF files, and I needed something just like the tree command so I could check if there wasn't anything out of place, and by a quick Google search I found your article and it helped me so much, thanks! (David)

I really love the tips you posted, illuminating and understandable. Tanxs. (Michael)

Computer Hope always delivers excellent information. Thank you and your team for your help. (Alex)

Accurate information provided. I felt it was much better than Wikipedia. Well done. Good job. (Mathew)

I learned more than I originally looked up. Great job, thank you!. (Sage)

I have been working on my mouse problem for 2 weeks and happened by your website and after following your instructions, the problem was fixed!! Thank You Computer Hope! (F. W.)

I always want this type of site and finally I got it.. It is amazing. (R. C.)

I messed with Microsoft Media Player for awhile trying to rip a CD to my laptop and kept getting the error so I googled it and found your page. I was able to fix the problem in minutes! I had not chosen a folder to rip the files to! Thanks! Too bad Microsoft can't come up with an 'error message' that actually tells you what the problem is!??? I mean it's Microsoft for God's sake!??. (Sheila)

Great!! Your method worked to restore battery charging icon!! (Morgan)

This website is amazing and really helped with my Homework. Thank You. (V.)

Informative and easy to use site. Very helpful to noobies like me. (P. H.)

You are really working hard here. I really am very impressed. Thank you. (Mr. N. G.)

Thanks. Facebook its driving people crazy for little things like download a simple video. Thanks again for the tutorial. (Alin)

My laptop wouldn't power on. I followed each suggestion. When I tried the 'drain power' (disconnect AC, remove battery, hold power button 15 secs, reconnect AC, power on!) Worked! Thank you! (Anne)

I want to create a database, and while I adore Microsoft Access (extreme novice here,) it's just not robust enough for the project I have in mind. This was the perfect quick intro to what I need to do in order to move forward and educate myself on the languages to determine which is best for my needs. (Linzee)

It was very helpful and wasnt very complicated. (Sam)

Good examples, nice to have lots of them. (JMF)

Thank u 4 the detailed step by step. (Anonymous)

Thank you so much... You saved my mental life... I was freaking out... Thank you thank you thank you. (Sasha)

I'm glad I found this website. My computer wouldn't start and I found exactly how to make it work again. Thank you. (Yahya)

Full of knowledge, time saving , interesting. (Vaishnav)

I highly recommend the tools and information to assist you if you are learning computers. (Melody)

Following your instructions I was able to do in minutes what I had been trying to do for hours. (COTiger)

Thank you for your post to help me organize and protect files on a public-shared computer. (Anonymous)

One of the best written explanations/walk-throughs I've seen. Thank you!!. (TJ)

I was in a dilemma about first time charge for the new battery. I found this info in web search and it resolved my dilemma. (M. S.)

I am personally so glad I found this website. I will continue to use it pretty frequently. Just by glancing at some of the information provided here I can tell there is a lot of information I would like to read about. (Marie D.)

Quick and easy, well written!. (Kevin)

I really LOVE your site, it has helped me and taught me many things about computer use that I needed to know as a non-professional user. Thank you!. (Lisa)

Really appreciate this tutorial. I had never done Mail Merging before, and your instructions were easy to follow!. (Kevin)

I just wanted to say thanks for this awesome site. I have found help on dozens of commands that I coulnd't find anywhere else. Thanks!!. (CarterCox)

Clear, simple and good instruction. The examples help a lot! Thank you. (Anonymous)

I easily got the thing I was looking for.. This page is really helpful. (Ayesha)

This website is awesome... many of my doubts are clear now! (RKP)

This site is 100% the best and most helpful I've found! Very easy to follow the steps and it's helpful with the links too! Keep it up. :) (Lani)

Very straight and to the point, no chance of screwing this up at all! (Shari)

Everything you should know about computer is right here, simple to find, simple to understand! (Andy)

This site had just what I needed. (H.)

Computerhope is one of the best help and informative site's I've used. (Toyota88)

Thanks for providing this kind of service. We "computer dumb" persons needs this... Thanks. (Angel R.)

My laptop refused to boot up, so I Googled the problem and your page was the first one I clicked on. The fix was simple and in just a couple of minutes I had my laptop running again. Thank you very much. (K. R.)

Awesome quality of answers I found here with just a few simple steps. Thank you for making my BCA sucessfull. (Kashish)

Nicely done! Direct and concise with clear examples and links to related items. (B. D.)

Great answer to my question. Didn't leave me wondering "what about scenario A or B" because the answer was stated so simply and succinctly. (Alyssa)

Love the information it gave me about my operating system. (Anonymous)

It's very helpful. straight to the point. (Kaosiso)

Good work. Enjoyed how the work has been framed and accompanied with pictorials. (Bundi )

This hope forum explaining what I was looking for and to my surprise for the first time I saw a possibility that makes me believe that I could understand something of what up to now seems impossible THANK U. (Anonymous)

Great help, clearly written instruction. Thanks. (Jay)

Was not able to scroll excel across cells. The scroll-lock key was pressed. Came to know through this your article. Simple and really helpful. Thanks. (P.K.)

Fantastic advice thank you. My laptop is up and running. (Tara)

I had a wonderful experience with your site. I'll use it again in the future!. (Sherri McDaniel)

You saved my day and money. Thanks. (Somu)

Plane, simple and to the point. all should be like this. (Joe)

Thank you for the information... I was searching for these types of answers. (P. S.)

THANK YOU!! YOU FIXED MY TOUCHPAD!!!!!! You just made a human happy. (Bella)

Just got Iphone and was a little confused on how to download videos from youtube. But this link was very very helpful. The steps were very simple to follow and was able to download in just 2 mins. Thank you and keep up the good work. (Adam Noah)

The suggestions for reboot worked first time, saving a trip to the computer repair shop. Thank-you for the tips. (Anonymous)

I was using my Dell Inspiron N7110 normally as I had for years, when it turned off and would not turn back on. I followed all the steps and when I followed the instructions of taking the battery out and holding for 15 seconds it turned back on. Thank you so much, I thought my computer had finally died for good. (Jsethh)

Very helpful for Desktop support Engineer. I like it. (Kishan)

This tip worked. Thanks a ton. (I.M.)

Thank you so much. I consider myself tech savvy but sometimes I get frustrated with situations where excel just becomes an enemy to solve a simple scroll lock type of option. Your article was helpful and I am happy as you guys are helping all of us. (Ranjit)

Oh my god...thank you for the info computer is working again. (Emily)

Powerful information in a nut shell.(K BLACK)

Great site, easy to understand. (Al)

THANK YOU! Worked perfectly, like a charm, immediately! (Dom)

The page that I visited was very thorough and got my new (old) xbox 360 drive working easily. (Bailey W.)

Simple and easy to follow. Lists all possible solutions. (Artem)

Brilliant site! Solved my problem immediately! Many thanks. (A. C.)

It gave me the answer I needed on the first try. Thanks!. (Bonnie)

Good, clear instructions - helped me correct issue in seconds. (J)

This article was exquisitely simple and your website aptly named . Many thanks. (Sue)

I wish I had this concise, useful source of information many years ago. Will pass it along. (Bailer)

Many thanks for your clear step-by-step instructions! I got my problem (which was very irritating) solved. Battery icon is visible again. (Sampsa)

I searched for an hour to find information about wiping my computer. Finally I found this and it was CLEAR and easy. Thank you. (Justin)

Hi, your computer teaching is excellent always, makes it easy to learn and understand. Thank you computer Hope. (Susan)

It is good site ...! It helped alot in completion of my project ...! I got the info I needed ...! Keep it up. (Aanah)

Excellent website. Thank you so much. (N. G.)

Very well laid out info, easy to follow directions, step by step was very good. Thank you for sharing the info freely. (Kerri L)

I thank u with my heart. I am in class 7 and I got the highest marks in computer subject with the help of you. It was very helpful. Thanks. (Haris)

This is the best written article on what makes a computer fast or slow I've ever read. I finally "get it" now. You wrote it as if I was stupid but didn't treat me that way. Thank you so so much. (Jeff)

This is the only site that explained that the Home version of Windows 10 will not let one encrypt a file. KUDOS to you for the thoroughness of your information! I had spend over an hour searching for this information on other sites. (Dathi)

To the point. You did avoid redundancies. Well explained. (C.)

Worked. I tried the steps listed to correct the power icon being grayed out on the taskbar. I went thru the disable and enable steps that were listed and the power icon is now visible. Thanks!. (BB)

Right to the spot... I like that. problem solved within a minute. thank you. (Ahmad)

Excellent explanation, and navigation assistance. Was thoroughly able to accomplish what I wanted. Thank you much!. (Deveaux)

It's wonderful when someone makes your life a little easier... You did! The instructions were so easy to follow. Thanks. (Donna)

This is the best & most helpful site ever!!!. (Fred)

Very useful information. Yet again, Computer Hope delivers!. (P. W.)

First time on this website. Got the answer I was looking for. (Anonymous)

The best help I've run into in a long time. Thank You. (T. P.)

I've been looking for a page like this for some time. Thanks. (L. S.)

Thank you so much! it took me one day and a half to find the right help! Especially when you are someone not good with computers!. (Vanessa)

Wonderful. Just keep up the good work. God bless you. (Effat M.)

I have really benefited from this. Thanks. (Sheri)

The most useful service I have ever found out while browsing for computer-related information and knowledge. Keep it up. Thanks. (Hafiz I.)

Thank you so much for being the first page (first reliable page) on Google that answered my google Question simple, flawless and sweet. I hope you keep on giving out information like this. (Dilutd)

Thanks it's the first time I understood computer language. (Deb)

I love this site, just wanted you to know. (Lia)

It was very helpful to my research. (Wendy)

Looking for some command syntaxes and I found it here on your web site. Thank you. (Anonymous)

Thank you very much! The last time this happened, I reset my computer and lost everything that was saved on it. So I am very glad that I found this and did not have to go though the reset process again. (Lindsey)

The definition was very explicit. The site arrangement is friendly. (Malik)

Computerhope is so helpful. My best site. (Shubham)

Each section answered all the questions I had and those I didn't know I needed answered! The links to separate sites are easy to follow and gave me the ability to pick and chose which sites I needed to read in more detail. Please keep up the great work!. (Julie)

Where have you been? Just discovered you and can't thank you enough At 83 and now handicapped, trying to write my last two manuscripts following my journal's instructions and ready to give up,and discovered you. What a blessing- clear, simple enough for me to understand Holy Wow! So many thanks. (Rick)

Beautiful, Plain and simple I strongly recommend it...Thanx. (Ronson)

I thank you so much for this fix!!!. (David)

Great information. My issues was one that I was able to quickly find. Function button turned off my touchpad Thanks!. (Steve)

Great website. Helped me a lot. (Harshit)

Managed to copy FB video clip to my PC. Wouldn't work with Internet Explorer but simple when using Firefox. Many thanks. Now got my son's wedding speech to keep. (Bunny)

I resolve my problem with the help of your site, navigate and read few links. Thanx. (Vedrana)

I found it hard to find what I wanted on other sites. But on this site it was easy and very helpful. (Cindy)

Quite helpful and informative! Thank you for providing this wonderful resource to the public. Well done! (Kathleen)

My problem got solved. very detailed explanantion was provided. thanks. (Sabyasachi P.)

This is the best webpage in the world when it comes to ICT. (Denzel)

Found your site via a google search... Instructions were perfect and fixed my audio problem! (D)

Thank you for making this so easy. The other two sites I landed on first were very confusing. I couldn't understand what they were suggesting I should do. (Carmen)

Thanks, this was the unique place where I found a solution for my PC problem. Thanks so much again. (Ramos)

Keep up the good work. It's hard to find a website that is as good as this one is. (Juan)

I just fixed my laptop in less than 2 minutes!! Thanks. (A.)

I use these notes to teach my students. Thank you. (M.J.)

Easy to understand the meaning of that I want to know with example and picture... I like it... (Anonymous)

I needed/wanted to identify my motherboard without opening anything up. Your information was spot on, and I identified my model. Thanks for the easy solution. (Null Terra)

Glad I've found you; have saved your URL for future reference...and learned some things I've never known before...nice. (P. A.)

Thank you so much for making this information available. It really saved my day!. (Alexis )

I accidently put my computer into full screen mode and didn't like it. Problem solved. Thanks. (Doug)

It was super easy to follow the steps, and it works perfectly. (Ellen)

It was easy to find what I have been looking for. Also it has given me great information. (Rose)

Could not operate the touchpad. Your article told me exactly what to do to turn it on. THANK YOU!!!!. (Anonymous)

I am a senior citizen trying to learn again. This is very readable and simple to follow. Thank you. (N.)

Your site is very helpful and very, very easy to use. (S.)

Thanks for the excellent help. (B.)

Thank you so much! My key retainer was stuck to the keycap and I used one step to fix my problem. Thank you so much!. (AJ)

Nice tutorial for those who are already know the Linux basics. Beginners also learn easily... Thanks to Computer Hope. (Murali)

Thank you for your awesome help. Your information is so helpful! I will come back again. I thank you great people so much. (Eli M.)

This really helped me fix the issue my computer was having. Now it works completely fine. (Tobi)

This really helped, My mousepad wasn't working before Thanks. :D. (Anonymus)

I am doing a research essay and all the information I need to find is easily accessible with the simple click of a hyperlink. Thanks for making everything so accessible! (Caleb)

Very helpful. It made frustrated when I could not fix the issue using other sites. This one definitely helped!! (Arasi)

Thank you for your help, it worked for me. (Janie)

Extremely simple, yet effective way to find computer related search results. (Seb)

My pc was freezing up badly until I found your site after two frustrating days. Two clicks and all fixed. Thank you so much!!!. (Dick)

Helped my computer get back up, I almost lost all hope for a few weeks, Thank you so much!. (Ambasseder)

Just love these pages... they simply solve my excel problems. (Rizu Agarwal)

So glad I found this page so much great information and its free !!!!. (Juan)

Really not even a single code helped me from anywhere. But I was stuck in my website to add space between icons. So I follow your first step from this post. Thank you so much for your work and suggestions. (Shan)

For many years I have found "just what I need" to help me solve a problem by visiting your web site. Great job, people. (Gil)

Brilliant, quick and easy resolution - thank you. (Clare Taylor)

Just wanted to drop a positive feedback and thanks for getting my laptop started up. honestly expected the laptop circuits to be fried after the recent thunderstorms/power trips, so it was a very pleasant surprise to get my laptop starting up after trying some of the suggestions here. thanks again!. (Leo)

Simple, precise, amd complete explanation; easy to understand for non-techies as myself ;). (Guy)

To the point answers. No useless rubbish. And it mentions the methods which work,even giving the cautions for the cases when things do not work out. (Amogh)

Wonderful! Amazing work... Great Work Developer. Thanks :). (Usman Said)

Very simple and to the point details that is very easy to understand. (Khan)

Awesome... thank you. It helped me alot. (Priyanka)

This help finally fixed my problem after trying 4 others. (Eva)

Thank you for the quick and easy answer. I didn't have to search out the answer. The page design made it easy. :). (Robi)

Their was nothing bad about the site from what I had seen. The site was quick and helpful when I needed to find a solution to the problem I've been having. Thank you for the help. (Robert)

This is my first time visiting your website and I can say I'm amazed! Sometimes I find understanding Linux commands hard, but this article made me swallow that up with ease. Keep up with good work and thanks! :). (Marko)

Simple to navigate, explaination clear and concise. marked your website as a favourite... (Alan)

Thank you so much, I about had a panic attack over my laptop not working, but there were multiple solutions so if one didn't work I had a few backups to keep me calm. (Pamela)

I'm a doing a computer course so this page is helping me to understand things I didnt understand from the classroom so I find this page very helpful. (Noziphozakhe)

I thought I would need to get a new laptop when my laptop wasn't powering on, but I followed the steps here and my laptop is working fine now. Thanks. (Mary)

Got my question answered,it was very helpful thank you!. (Marie)

Really appreciated the Area Code lookup feature and explanation about spammers using "unassigned" area codes. That was what I needed to learn. Perfect!. (TedinSC)

Every thing that I wold like to know is just here and simple to look for. Thanks for that... (Anita)

Wow, I'm no experienced techie but when I followed these instructions it worked like a charm. Thanks!!!. (Nina)

The answer was so clear to me thank for your answer. (TITUS)

It was very useful for my IT project. Thank you computer hope founders and editors for such a beautiful website. (Karan)

Thank you so much! I was so afraid a document was lost forever and MS was no help. Thanks and God bless you. (SFA)

It's really nice and easy to use I have found what I'm looking for in seconds!. (E.N.D.)

This page very helpful and it has help me soo mush to solve my problem about networking. (Peace boy)

Answered my question perfectly Thanks. (Anonymous)

Good thing. Really useful For computer students. (Swetha)

Googled problem opened your site and answer was there, solved problem easily.. Thanks. (Wightbri)

The pages are really very helpful. (Arup Sarkar )

This page was excellent! Exactly what I was looking for though I did not know how to look for it! All I wrote was: Operating Systems and "voila"! Thank you!. (Adele)

I just want to say you, thank you soo much for creating an awesome website like this. It is my first time that I am using this website and I am really very happy to get this platform. I hope to use this website on my daily basis. Thank you again. (Nawal S.)

Thank you Computer Hope for the updated information you deliver. (Muhumza P.)

I am starting to practice transcribing and I searched how to pause, rewind, and fast forward with a keyboard and this came up first. Thank you for your time and effort in creating this piece. (H. W. W.)

For a new user, your site is great. (N. E.)

Learned how to remove spyware and malware with little or no problem. (Juanito)

Thank you so much I have been able to restart my computer after 5 days of being dead locked. Wonderful (Sammysign)

Simple instructions that worked first try - what more could I want Thanks. (Bruce)

I like that your definitions are linked to other definitions. That is helpful. (R. D.)

This is awesome, I have a test coming up, and this helped alot. I give this website 15 trillion stars. (Timothy)

I wasn't sure what to purchase, desktop or laptop. Your site answered all my questions. (Trixie)

I really appreciate this website, it really helps me out during school and for leisure purposes. All the information is accurate, interesting,easy to understand and easy to find thank you so much. (Ab)

Thank you so much for the great help! I spent few days trying to figure out why my computer's keyboard is not functioning and making sounds each time I press a key. I found the solution here finally. (Manar)

So simple and easy, and it worked. (DebO)

I think your website has great info and was easy to follow and my computer didn't go slow trying to read it. Keep up the good work. (Pastor)

It was useful and short. Giving out the information that was needed. The example made it easy for me, since I'm more of a visual learner. (R. A.)

Thanks. Totally answered my question :-). (M. R.)

This site, is really good, I didnt feel any kind of difficuilty to find my question. (Ayaz)

You guys are doing a great job educating us! Keep up the good work ;). (Jimmy)

I needed to change my screen saver, was uncertain how to do it; your information was clear and I achieved the change immediately. Thanks. (Rufus)

I've used your site three times, and you have helped me solve each issue. Thank you, Eddie Haskel. (Eddie H.)

WOW!, I was able to get some questions answered very quickly and able to understand the explanation/definition. (Bonnie)

Its a useful service and the most amazing thing is that it's free. (David)

Very glad to have acquired new knowledge through you. (Steve)

Computer Hope helps make the learning curve of computer use, so much easier. thanks!. (Karen G)

Well put together information, and it flowed easily from one topic to the next. (Walter)

It was really easy to find the information and I use this site frequently. Thank you. (T. P.)

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