Battery questions and answers

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Reference Questions
Battery Our battery dictionary definition and related links.
Batteries All dictionary definitions relating to batteries.
APM APM and Standby help and support.
CMOS Issues and help relating to the CMOS batteries.
Laptop Other questions and answers relating to laptops.
Recycle Computer and battery recycling information.
Buying tips Additional information and help with purchasing batteries.
CH000350 Issues and information on Li-ion batteries.
CH000351 Issues and information on NICAD batteries.
CH000352 Issues and information on NiMH batteries.
CH000353 Main laptop battery does not fully charge.
CH000354 How do I find the total capacity of my laptop battery?
CH000936 How to adjust a laptops brightness when on battery.
CH001128 How do I remove the battery from my laptop?
CH001134 Laptop computer is not charging battery.
CH001229 How long should I charge my laptop computer battery for?
CH001230 Tips and help with maximizing your laptop battery life.
CH001231 Help and tips with getting more out of your laptop battery.
CH001232 Missing laptop battery icon in Windows.
CH001233 How do I know how much battery life my laptop has left?
CH001234 When and how should I discharge my laptop battery?
CH001235 Is it possible to overcharge a laptop battery?
CH001236 How long should a laptop battery last?
CH001237 How can I find the laptop battery specifications?
CH001322 Determining the maximum capacity of your laptop battery.
CH001323 When should I replace my laptop battery?
CH001560 Battery power icon option is grayed out in Windows.
CH001576 Primary internal battery 601 error on HP laptop.
CH001587 Should I remove my laptop battery when using the AC adapter?
CH001825 How to change an iPad battery.
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