Computer case buying tips

Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope

Purchasing a computer case is not something to consider if you are buying a computer from an OEM such as Dell or Hewlett Packard. However, for those building a computer it can be an important consideration. Below is a listing of different considerations to look at when buying a computer case.

Color and case type

Today, there are a wide variety of computer case colors and case sizes for the PC. When looking at the case, consider the color of the case and its size. Most cases come in either urban white or white. Additional information about the computer chassis including the color and size can be found on our chassis definition.

Location and size

Before purchasing a computer case you should think out where the computer is going to be placed.

  • Is it going to be on your desk or your floor?
  • Is it going to have enough space at its location with the monitor and other peripherals possibly next to it?
  • If it's in a bedroom will it be quiet enough if left on while you sleep?

Upgrade availability

  • Does the case have enough bays for adding additional hard drives or other drives?
  • Does the case have the availability for slots for additional expansion cards to be placed in?
  • Is the computer easy to work in or will it have to be completely disassembled to get to certain parts of the computer?


If you are assembling a computer, make sure that the motherboard form factor you plan to purchase is going to be able to fit into the computer case. The standard motherboard form factor today is ATX or microATX.

Power supply

If you are assembling a computer, make sure that the computer case either comes with a power supply or that the power supply you plan on purchasing will fit into the computer case.

Additionally, if you are building a gaming computer with an advanced video card make sure that the power supply is big enough to support the video card along with all other hardware in the computer. If you cannot find the video card recommended power supply requirement, we suggest using at least a 500W PSU.


Many case manufacturers are creating their cases solely for computer manufactures and may not sell to end-users. If you are building a computer and able to order such a case, it is likely that service or support may be slim or not available as well as long distance. Take this into consideration when purchasing a computer case.