Computer file extensions - C

Updated: 07/13/2023 by Computer Hope

Below is a listing of each of the different file extensions that begin with the letter "C." If you are looking for a file extension that starts with a different letter, click the corresponding beginning letter below.

.C C file used with the C programming language.
.CAB Cabinet file used in Windows 95 and Windows 98 containing all the Windows files and drivers. How to extract files from the Windows cabinets.
.CAL 1. Windows Calendar file.
2. Supercalculator4 file.
3. Supercal spreadsheet.
.CAM Casio digital camera file.
.CAP Trace file containing packets, or raw data, generated by packet sniffing software.
.CAS Netica comma separated value text file of cases.
.CBL COBOL program file.
.CBT CBT (Computer-Based Training) files.
.CDA CD (Compact Disc) audio player track.
.CDD ConceptDraw PRO diagram file.
.CDR CorelDRAW vector file.
.CDT CorelDRAW template file
.CFB Comptons multimedia file.
.CFG A configuration file.
.CFL Corel flowchart file.
.CFM 1. Corel FontMaster file.
2. Cold Fusion template file.
3. Visual dBASE customer form.
.CGM CAD (Computer-Aided Design) file.
.CHK ScanDisk file used to backup information that ScanDisk has found to be bad, found in C root. Because the files information is corrupted or reported as bad by ScanDisk, it's perfectly fine to delete these files, providing you are currently not missing any information. Additional information about ScanDisk is on our ScanDisk page.
.CL Generic LISP (LISt Processor) source code.
.CL3 Easy CD Creator layout file.
.CL4 Easy CD Creator layout file.
.CLA Java class file.
.CLG Disk catalog database.
.CLK Corel R.A.V.E. animation file.
.CLL Crick software clicker file.
.CLO Cloe image.
.CLP 1. Windows clipboard file.
2. Quattro Pro clip art.
3. Clipper 5 compiler script file.
.CLR 1. WinEdit colorization word list.
2. 1st reader binary color screen image
3. PhotStyler color definition file.
.CLS 1. Visual Basic class module.
2. C++ class definition file.
.CMD 1. Windows script file.
2. OS/2 command file.
.CMV Corel movie file.
.CNT Help file (.hlp) contents and other contents file used with other programs.
.CPL Windows Control Panel icons.
.CNE A configuration file that builds COM files.
.CNF A configuration file.
.CNV ACD Systems Canvas 6, 7, and 8 files.
.COB COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language) source code file.
.COD FORTRAN (Formula Translation) compiler program code.
.COM Executable file.
.CPE Fax cover page file.
.CPI 1. Code Page information file.
2. Microsoft Windows applet Control Panel file.
.CPP C++ source code file.
.CPT 1. Compact Pro compressed file extracted and used with various compression utilities.
2. Corel Photo-Paint file.
.CR2 Canon RAW format file.
.CRD Windows card file.
.CRT Microsoft security certificate.
.CRW Canon RAW format file.
.CSI Source code file for a Contentserv project.
.CSV 1. Comma-separated values file used primary with databases and spreadsheets (e.g., Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc).
2. Image file used with CompuShow.
.CUE Description of a CD image file. Often used with .BIN file.
.CUR Windows mouse cursor.
.CV5 ACD Systems Canvas 5 file.
.CVI ACD Systems image format file.
.CVS ACD Systems Canvas drawing file.
.CVX ACD Systems Canvas 9 file.
.CXX 1. C++ program file.
2. Zortech C++ file.