Today in computer history: November 29th

Below are technology and computer-related events that happened on November 29th of every year during the evolution of computers. November 29th is the 334th day of 2024, which is a leap year. There are 32 days left in the year from this day.

John Ambrose Fleming pictureNovember 29, 1849
175 years ago

John Ambrose Fleming was born, the inventor of the first vacuum tube and diode. Died April 18, 1945 (Age: 95).

Leo Laporte pictureNovember 29, 1956
68 years ago

Leo Laporte was born, an American technology broadcaster, author, speaker, and entrepreneur.

GameNovember 29, 1972
52 years ago

Atari releases Pong, the first commercial video game.

ComputerNovember 29, 2006
18 years ago

Garry's Mod was made available on Steam.

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