Today in computer history: April 15

The 105th day of 2021. There are 260 days left in the year from this day.

Leonardo da Vinci pictureApril 15, 1452
569 years ago

Leonardo da Vinci was born, an Italian Renaissance polymath: painter, sculptor, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, and inventor. Died May 2, 1519 (Age: 67).

CompanyApril 15, 1892
129 years ago

The American company General Electric was founded.

David Morse pictureApril 15, 1943
78 years ago

David Morse was born, the co-founder of Amiga. Died November 2, 2007 (Age: 64).

ComputerApril 15, 1977
44 years ago

The First West Coast Computer Faire in San Francisco's Brooks Civic Auditorium was held.

Amiga, Computer, Founder, General Electric, Inventor, Painter

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