Today in computer history: May 14

The 134th day of 2022. There are 231 days left in the year from this day.

Harlan Mills pictureMay 14, 1919
103 years ago

Harlan Mills was born, the founder of Software Engineering Technology, Inc. Died January 8, 1996 (Age: 77).

Sebastian Thrun pictureMay 14, 1967
55 years ago

Sebastian Thrun was born, founder of Google X, home to projects like the Google self-driving car and Google Glass.

Mark Zuckerberg pictureMay 14, 1984
38 years ago

Mark Zuckerberg was born, the co-creator of Facebook.

DomainMay 14, 1987
35 years ago

The domain goes online.

ComputerMay 14, 2015
7 years ago

HTTP/2 was officially released.

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