Today in computer history: November 22

The 327th day of 2020. It's a leap year and there are 39 days left in the year from this day.

Jeffrey Ullman pictureNovember 22, 1942
78 years ago

Jeffrey Ullman was born, a computer scientist, author, and professor at Stanford University.

TVNovember 22, 1953
67 years ago

The Colgate Comedy Hour on N.B.C. becomes the first TV show to broadcast in color.

Rasmus Lerdorf pictureNovember 22, 1968
52 years ago

Rasmus Lerdorf was born, a Danish programmer with Canadian citizenship best known as the creator of the PHP scripting language.

Shawn Fanning pictureNovember 22, 1980
40 years ago

Shawn Fanning was born, a computer programmer and co-founder of Napster.

HackerNovember 22, 1987
33 years ago

A Chicago PBS affiliate WTTW-11 TV broadcast gets hacked by a person wearing a Max Headroom mask.

ComputerNovember 22, 1995
25 years ago

GIMP was first released.

MicrosoftNovember 22, 1995
25 years ago

Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 2.0 and officially starts the browser war between Netscape.

MovieNovember 22, 1995
25 years ago

Toy Story was released, becoming the first movie that was completely computer generated.

MicrosoftNovember 22, 2005
15 years ago

Microsoft releases the Xbox 360, the second generation of their popular game console.

MicrosoftNovember 22, 2013
7 years ago

Microsoft released the Xbox One.

MicrosoftNovember 22, 2016
4 years ago

Grace Hopper (Posthumously), Bill Gates, and Margaret Hamilton receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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