Today in computer history: June 5

The 156th day of 2023. There are 209 days left in the year from this day.

Peter Landin pictureJune 5, 1930
93 years ago

Peter Landin was born, a British computer scientist who was first to realize that the lambda calculus could be used in programming. Died June 3, 2009 (Age: 78).

Bailey Diffie pictureJune 5, 1944
79 years ago

Bailey Diffie was born, an American cryptographer and pioneer of public-key cryptography.

Bob Rosenschein pictureJune 5, 1953
70 years ago

Bob Rosenschein was born, an American-Israeli Internet entrepreneur and founder of

MicrosoftJune 5, 1996
27 years ago

Microsoft releases DirectX 3.0 (

InternetJune 5, 2001
22 years ago

Nevada became the first U.S. state to vote to legalize online gambling.

AppleJune 5, 2017
6 years ago

Apple introduced macOS X 10.13, code-named High Sierra.

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