Today in computer history: September 13

The 256th day of 2021. There are 109 days left in the year from this day.

ComputerSeptember 13, 1899
122 years ago

Henry Bliss becomes the first North American pedestrian to be killed by an automobile.

Herman Goldstine pictureSeptember 13, 1913
108 years ago

Herman Goldstine was born, a mathematician and computer scientist who helped develop the ENIAC. Died June 16, 2004 (Age: 91).

Herbert Grosch pictureSeptember 13, 1918
103 years ago

Herbert Grosch was born, a computer scientist best known for Grosch's law, which states economy is as the square root of the speed. Died January 18, 2010 (Age: 92).

Ed Roberts pictureSeptember 13, 1941
80 years ago

Ed Roberts was born, the father of the personal computer. Died April 1, 2010 (Age: 68).

IBMSeptember 13, 1956
65 years ago

The first computer (IBM 305 RAMAC) ships with a 1-ton hard drive with 50 24-inch platters storing up to 5 million characters.

David Wise pictureSeptember 13, 1967
54 years ago

David Wise was born, a British video game music composer known for his work on Nintendo's Donkey Kong Country series.

Jason Scott pictureSeptember 13, 1970
51 years ago

Jason Scott was born, an American archivist, filmmaker and technology historian.

Peter Sunde pictureSeptember 13, 1978
43 years ago

Peter Sunde was born, the founder of Flattr and ex-spokesperson Pirate Bay.

GameSeptember 13, 1985
36 years ago

Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo was released.

CompanySeptember 13, 2020
1 years ago

NVIDIA announced it's acquiring Arm for $40 billion.

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