Today in computer history: September 24

The 267th day of 2022. There are 98 days left in the year from this day.

SpaceSeptember 24, 1970
52 years ago

The Luna 16 probe returns and becomes the first unmanned Moon mission to return lunar samples.

InternetSeptember 24, 1979
43 years ago

CompuServe becomes the first online service offering dial-up connection to anyone.

GameSeptember 24, 1993
29 years ago

Broderbund releases the Myst CD game for the Macintosh and quickly becomes a best-seller.

DomainSeptember 24, 1997
25 years ago

The domain goes online.

GameSeptember 24, 1997
25 years ago

The MMORPG UO (Ultima Online) was released.

BankruptSeptember 24, 1998
24 years ago

The company eBay makes its initial public offering (IPO) and goes up 163.2% to close at 47.375.

CompanySeptember 24, 1999
23 years ago

S3 Incorporated and Diamond Multimedia Systems announced that the merger of the two companies was approved.

CompanySeptember 24, 2003
19 years ago

Sophos bought antispam vendor ActiveState for $23 million.

ComputerSeptember 24, 2011
11 years ago

National Semiconductor became part of Texas Instruments.

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