Convicted computer people

Below is a listing of computer people that have been convicted of a computer crime because of hacking, creating malware, or other illegal activity. Clicking on any of the below links will open the biography for that person.

Aaron SwartzAaron Swartz
American computer programmer, writer, and Internet activist.
Category: Convict, Editor, Founder, Programmer, and Writer
Alexey IvanovAlexey Ivanov
Russian computer programmer and hacker.
Category: Convict, Hacker, Programmer, and Writer
Barrett BrownBarrett Brown
American activist, author and Founder of Project PM.
Category: Convict, Director, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Craig NeidorfCraig Neidorf
American hacker and founding editor of Phrack Magazine.
Category: Convict, Editor, Founder, Hacker, and Writer
David SmithDavid Smith
Author of the Melissa Virus which he released to the world in 1999.
Category: Convict and Writer
Dimitry GolubovDimitry Golubov
Ukrainian hacker and founder of the Internet Party of Ukraine.
Category: Convict, Founder, Hacker, Personality, Twitter, and Writer
Hans ReiserHans Reiser
American computer programmer, creator of ReiserFS computer file system and convicted murderer.
Category: Entrepreneur, Founder, Programmer, and Writer
Jeffrey ParsonJeffrey Parson
Creator of the B variant of the Blaster worm.
Category: Convict and Writer
Kevin MitnickKevin Mitnick
Computer security consultant, author, and hacker.
Category: Convict, Hacker, Personality, Twitter, and Writer
Kim DotcomKim Dotcom
German-Finnish Internet entrepreneur also known as Kimble
Category: Convict, Entrepreneur, Founder, Hacker, and Writer
Maksym YastremskiMaksym Yastremski
Ukrainian hacker and top online seller of stolen credit card information.
Category: Convict, Hacker, and Writer
Mark AbeneMark Abene
Infosec expert, computer programmer, cryptographer, and hacker.
Category: Convict, Founder, Hacker, Programmer, and Writer
Max VisionMax Vision
Former computer security consultant and convicted online hacker.
Category: Hacker and Writer
Michael CalceMichael Calce
Canadian computer hacker known for creating denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) at age 15.
Category: Convict, Hacker, and Writer
Renukanth SubramaniamRenukanth Subramaniam
British Hacker and founder of DarkMarket, Internet cybercrime forum.
Category: Convict, Founder, Hacker, and Writer
Robert MorrisRobert Morris
Best known for creating the Morris Worm, the first Internet worm.
Category: Convict, Father, Founder, Scientist, and Writer
Ross UlbrichtRoss Ulbricht
Founder of the online black market Silk Road.
Category: Convict, Founder, and Writer

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