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Abraham LempelAbraham Lempel
Father of LZ family of lossless data compression algorithms.
Category: Father, Scientist, and Writer
Alan CooperAlan Cooper
Father of Visual Basic.
Category: Father, Programmer, and Writer
Alan TuringAlan Turing
Developer of the Turing Machine and Turing Test.
Category: Analyst, Father, Logician, Mathematician, Scientist, and Writer
Bob BemerBob Bemer
Father of ASCII, escape character, backslash, and the curly bracket.
Category: Coined, Father, Inventor, and Writer
Charles BabbageCharles Babbage
Father of the computer.
Category: Father, Inventor, and Writer
Claude ShannonClaude Shannon
Father of information theory.
Category: Engineer, Father, Founder, Mathematician, and Writer
Dan BricklinDan Bricklin
Creator of VisiCalc.
Category: Entrepreneur, Father, Founder, President, Twitter, and Writer
David CutlerDavid Cutler
Father of Windows NT.
Category: Engineer, Father, and Writer
Donald BitzerDonald Bitzer
American electrical engineer and computer scientist and Father of PLATO.
Category: Engineer, Father, Inventor, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Donald KnuthDonald Knuth
Father of analysis of algorithms, creator of the TeX computer typesetting system and metafont font.
Category: Father, Professor, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Douglas RossDouglas Ross
Computer scientist pioneer who is known for the term CAD and as the father of APT.
Category: Chairman, Engineer, Father, Inventor, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Ed RobertsEd Roberts
Father of the personal computer.
Category: Coined, Father, Founder, and Writer
Edward FeigenbaumEdward Feigenbaum
Father of expert systems.
Category: Father, Founder, Scientist, and Writer
Elisha GrayElisha Gray
Co-founder of Western Electric Manufacturing company and best known for his development of a telephone prototype.
Category: Engineer, Father, Founder, Inventor, and Writer
Enrico FermiEnrico Fermi
Father of the atomic bomb.
Category: Father, Physicist, and Writer
Gary ThuerkGary Thuerk
Father of Spam.
Category: Father and Writer
George StibitzGeorge Stibitz
Computer pioneer recognized as the fathers of the modern first digital computer.
Category: Father and Writer
Georgii LopatoGeorgii Lopato
Computer pioneer recognized as the fathers of the modern first digital computer, the Minsk.
Category: Father and Writer
Greg ChessonGreg Chesson
American computer scientist and UNIX expert known as the godfather of Networking.
Category: Engineer, Father, Founder, Inventor, Scientist, and Writer
Guglielmo MarconiGuglielmo Marconi
Father of long distance radio transmission.
Category: Entrepreneur, Father, Founder, Inventor, Physicist, and Writer
Jagadish BoseJagadish Bose
Indian pioneer who investigated the radio and microwave optics and made a significant contribution to plant science.
Category: Father, Inventor, Physicist, and Writer
James BurkeJames Burke
British broadcaster, author, futurist and science historian.
Category: Father, Founder, Researcher, and Writer
James GoslingJames Gosling
Father of the Java programming language.
Category: Father, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
James MartinJames Martin
Father of Computer Aided Systems Engineering (CASE).
Category: Father, Founder, and Writer
Jane JensenJane Jensen
American game designer and writer known for the Gabriel Knight adventure games.
Category: Director, Father, Programmer, Twitter, and Writer
Jay MinerJay Miner
Father of the Amiga.
Category: Father and Writer
John CockeJohn Cocke
Father of RISC architecture.
Category: Father, Inventor, Scientist, and Writer
Karlheinz BrandenburgKarlheinz Brandenburg
Audio engineer who has contributed to the audio compression format MPEG Audio Layer 3
Category: Engineer, Father, and Writer
Ken KutaragiKen Kutaragi
Former Chairman and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment and Father of the PlayStation.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Father, and Writer
Konrad ZuseKonrad Zuse
Developer of the Z1, the first programmable computer.
Category: Father, Programmer, and Writer
Lawrence RobertsLawrence Roberts
One of the four fathers of the Internet who help create the ARPANET.
Category: CEO, Director, Father, Manager, and Writer
Lee ForestLee Forest
American inventor who invented the Audion, a vacuum tube.
Category: Father, Inventor, and Writer
Leo FantlLeo Fantl
Father of business computing responsible for the many advanced payroll applications he helped deliver.
Category: Father and Writer
Leonard AdlemanLeonard Adleman
Widely referred to as the Father of DNA Computing.
Category: Father, Inventor, Professor, Scientist, and Writer
Mark CrispinMark Crispin
Which he invented in 1985.
Category: Father, Inventor, Programmer, and Writer
Martin GoetzMartin Goetz
Pioneer in the development of the commercial software industry.
Category: Father, Manager, and Writer
Max HopperMax Hopper
American IT manager considered the
Category: Chairman, Father, Manager, and Writer
Morris ChangMorris Chang
Founding Chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company
Category: Chairman, Father, Founder, and Writer
Noam ChomskyNoam Chomsky
Linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, and historian.
Category: Father, President, Scientist, and Writer
Nolan BushnellNolan Bushnell
American engineer and entrepreneur who founded both Atari, Inc. and the Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza-Time Theaters chain.
Category: Chairman, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Father, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Ole-johan DahlOle-johan Dahl
Norwegian computer scientist considered to be one of the fathers of Simula and object-oriented programming
Category: Father, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Oliver SelfridgeOliver Selfridge
Pioneer of artificial intelligence referred to as the father of Machine Perception.
Category: Father and Writer
Pafnuty ChebyshevPafnuty Chebyshev
Statistics, mechanics, and analytical geometry.
Category: Father, Founder, Mathematician, and Writer
Paul OtletPaul Otlet
Father of information science who created the Universal Decimal Classification.
Category: Entrepreneur, Father, and Writer
Philip EstridgePhilip Estridge
Led the development of the original IBM Personal Computer (PC).
Category: Father, Inventor, President, and Writer
Ralph BaerRalph Baer
Father of Videogames.
Category: Engineer, Father, Inventor, and Writer
Rene DescartesRene Descartes
French philosopher, mathematician, and writer dubbed the 'Father of Modern Philosophy'
Category: Father, Mathematician, and Writer
Reynold JohnsonReynold Johnson
Inventor of the disk drive and videocassette tape.
Category: Father, Inventor, President, and Writer
Robert MorrisRobert Morris
Best known for creating the Morris Worm, the first Internet worm.
Category: Convict, Father, Founder, Scientist, and Writer
Stephen CookStephen Cook
American-Canadian computer scientist and mathematician and one of the forefathers of computational complexity theory.
Category: Father, Mathematician, Scientist, and Writer
Steve MannSteve Mann
Researcher and inventor known for his work on computational photography and wearable computing.
Category: Editor, Father, Inventor, Programmer, Researcher, Twitter, and Writer
Steve WolffSteve Wolff
One of the fathers of the Internet and developer of NSFNET.
Category: Director, Father, President, Researcher, and Writer
Steve WozniakSteve Wozniak
Co-founder of Apple and Father of the Apple computer.
Category: CEO, Father, Founder, Inventor, Twitter, and Writer
Thomas WatsonThomas Watson
Early chairman and CEO of IBM.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Father, President, and Writer
Thomas Watson JrThomas Watson Jr
Jr. an American businessman, political figure, and philanthropist and 2nd President of IBM.
Category: Father, President, and Writer
Tim Berners-leeTim Berners-lee
Father of the World Wide Web (WWW).
Category: Father, Founder, Inventor, Twitter, and Writer
Tony FadellTony Fadell
Known as the father of the Apple iPod.
Category: Entrepreneur, Father, Founder, Inventor, Investor, President, Twitter, and Writer
Valentin TurchinValentin Turchin
Soviet and American computer scientist and cybernetician who developed the Refal programming language.
Category: Father, Founder, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Victor HayesVictor Hayes
Senior Research Fellow at the Delft University of Technology Often referred to as
Category: Chairman, Father, and Writer
Vint CerfVint Cerf
Father of the Internet.
Category: Father, Founder, Personality, President, Scientist, and Writer
Wayne PicketteWayne Pickette
Often referred to as the African American father of the microprocessor.
Category: African American, Father, and Writer
Wesley ClarkWesley Clark
One of the creators of the first mini-computer (LINC laboratory computer).
Category: Father and Writer
William InmonWilliam Inmon
American computer scientist Often referred to as the father of the data warehouse.
Category: Coined, Father, Scientist, and Writer
William LoweWilliam Lowe
American businessman who managed the team that developed the first IBM personal computer.
Category: Father, President, and Writer

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