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Below is a listing of computer pioneers that have been tagged as a Researcher. Clicking on any of the below links will open the biography for that person.

Alex HoldenAlex Holden
Ukrainian IT researcher who found 1.2 billion stolen passwords.
Category: Hacker and Researcher
Allen NewellAllen Newell
Computer science and cognitive psychology researcher.
Category: Researcher
Andrew BobeckAndrew Bobeck
American electrical engineer and inventor of bubble memory.
Category: Engineer, Inventor, and Researcher
Antonin SvobodaAntonin Svoboda
Computer scientist, engineer, and researcher credited for fault-tolerant computer systems.
Category: Engineer, Mathematician, Researcher, Scientist, and Writer
Barry LeibaBarry Leiba
Developer at IBM Research that helped develop Spam Guru and is involved with the IETF.
Category: Researcher and Scientist
Bruce SchneierBruce Schneier
American computer security specialist, cryptographer, and writer.
Category: Founder, Researcher, Twitter, and Writer
Danah BoydDanah Boyd
Social media scholar, youth researcher and advocate who works at Microsoft Research.
Category: Female, Researcher, Twitter, and Writer
Dan FarmerDan Farmer
American computer security researcher who created Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks (SATAN).
Category: Researcher and Writer
Daniel FriedmanDaniel Friedman
American computer scientist, author and programming language researcher.
Category: Editor, Professor, Programmer, Researcher, Scientist, and Writer
Dan KaminskyDan Kaminsky
American security researcher and chief scientist of White Ops.
Category: Researcher, Scientist, Twitter, and Writer
David FerrucciDavid Ferrucci
American Computer Scientist who led the IBM team in the development of Watson the
Category: Researcher, Scientist, and Writer
Demis HassabisDemis Hassabis
British artificial intelligence researcher, neuroscientist, computer game designer and gamer.
Category: Founder, Gamer, Programmer, Researcher, Scientist, and Twitter
Donald MichieDonald Michie
British researcher in artificial intelligence.
Category: Founder and Researcher
Donn ParkerDonn Parker
Security researcher and consultant.
Category: Researcher and Writer
Don SymeDon Syme
Australian born computer scientist and creator of the F# programming language.
Category: Programmer, Researcher, Scientist, Twitter, and Writer
Douglas LenatDouglas Lenat
Prominent researcher in artificial intelligence.
Category: CEO, Researcher, and Writer
Einar StefferudEinar Stefferud
Internet pioneer, entrepreneur, and computer researcher, who helped develop the Internet.
Category: Entrepreneur, Researcher, and Writer
Gene GolubGene Golub
Renowned numerical analyst, professor, and author.
Category: Analyst, Editor, Founder, President, Professor, Researcher, and Writer
Guy SteeleGuy Steele
Often referred to as "The Great Quux".
Category: Hacker, Programmer, Researcher, Scientist, and Writer
Jack WolfJack Wolf
American researcher in information theory and coding theory.
Category: Researcher and Writer
James BurkeJames Burke
British broadcaster, author, futurist and science historian.
Category: Father, Founder, Researcher, and Writer
Jorma RissanenJorma Rissanen
IBM researcher known for inventing the arithmetic coding technique of lossless data compression.
Category: Inventor, Researcher, and Writer
Ken GoldbergKen Goldberg
American writer, artist, inventor and researcher in Robotics.
Category: Inventor, Professor, Researcher, Twitter, and Writer
Lotfali ZadehLotfali Zadeh
Mathematician, computer scientist, artificial intelligence researcher and founder of fuzzy mathematics.
Category: Engineer, Founder, Mathematician, Professor, Researcher, Scientist, and Writer
Michael HawleyMichael Hawley
Educator, scientist, artist, and researcher working in the field of digital media.
Category: Director, Founder, Researcher, Scientist, Twitter, and Writer
Mike BergmanMike Bergman
Web Scientist and 'deep web' researcher.
Category: CEO, Editor, Founder, Manager, Researcher, Scientist, and Writer
Myron KruegerMyron Krueger
American computer artist who developed early interactive works
Category: Researcher and Writer
Norbert WeinerNorbert Weiner
American mathematician and Professor of Mathematics at MIT and originator of cybernetics
Category: Mathematician, Professor, Researcher, and Writer
Omer ReingoldOmer Reingold
Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley
Category: Researcher and Writer
Peter NeumanPeter Neuman
Computer Science Researcher who worked on the Multics operating system.
Category: Coined, Founder, Researcher, and Writer
Ralph MerkleRalph Merkle
One of the inventors of public key cryptography and Inventor of cryptographic hashing
Category: Inventor, Researcher, and Writer
Richard HarperRichard Harper
British Sociologist and principle researcher at Microsoft Research in Cambridge.
Category: Professor, Researcher, Twitter, and Writer
Russell OhlRussell Ohl
American engineer known for patenting the modern solar cell and researching semiconductors.
Category: Engineer, Inventor, and Researcher
Samy KamkarSamy Kamkar
Computer security researcher known for creating Evercookie
Category: Founder, Researcher, Twitter, and Writer
Steve GibsonSteve Gibson
Computer enthusiast, software engineer and security researcher.
Category: Engineer, Founder, Personality, Researcher, and Twitter
Steve MannSteve Mann
Researcher and inventor known for his work on computational photography and wearable computing.
Category: Editor, Father, Inventor, Programmer, Researcher, Twitter, and Writer
Steve WolffSteve Wolff
One of the fathers of the internet and developer of NSFNET.
Category: Director, Father, President, and Researcher
Susan DumaisSusan Dumais
Principal Researcher in the Context, Learning, and User Experience for Search (CLUES) Group of Microsoft Research.
Category: Female, Professor, Researcher, Twitter, and Writer
Vern PaxsonVern Paxson
Professor of Computer Science at Berkeley and Internet researcher.
Category: Coined, Professor, Researcher, and Writer

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